Where can I get my graduate report card

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Graduates must present valid certificates to the university archives to handle the transcripts.1. Function of transcript: The university transcript is used for studying abroad. It is required to submit the university transcript when applying to the school.During the job search process, companies will look at transcripts when sending resumes or conducting interviews;Take an examination of grind to take a second test of time need to provide complete transcript, the school will serve as a reference.2. The conditions for obtaining the transcript are as follows: The transcript is the score of all the undergraduate examination subjects, which needs to be stamped with the seal of the school to be considered valid transcript.Transcripts are usually issued to students upon graduation.The school can issue the report card during undergraduate course to the student, the official seal that still covered the school above, the original copy of the report card during the university, former graduate can apply for to be born to the unit where archives are, the university report card is taken in personnel file, still need to build red chapter of the unit that archives manages after photocopy.At the same time, past graduates can also print their transcripts from the academic affairs office of the undergraduate school.3. 参 考 译 文 : Many state organs and public institutions have rigid requirements for educational background when recruiting personnel.If you can get into a good university, choose a popular major and learn something successful, it will be very helpful to the future employment and career start.Nowadays, the gold content of university graduation certificate is generally not high, and long-term efforts are the most important in order to realize the ideal.