What is the basis of a relationship?Your value is critical

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If you are an emotional girl, it is easy for you to suffer in the relationship, because although love begins with a feeling, sometimes it is necessary for you to do some rational thinking and judgment, most women who are like fish in water in the relationship have rational characteristics.From a rational point of view, a man can treat you as a goddess, with a respectful posture to pursue you, with you, depends on whether you are worthy.When it comes to the value of women, let’s talk about the value of men first, so that you can better understand the other half around you, which is where he attracts you, but also the point where you have feelings for him. In the marriage market, men have survival value, emotional value and companionship value.The first is survival value: as the name implies, as a man, he has more responsibilities. A man with high survival value means he is more capable, smarter, has a better job and has more money. He can provide you with enough survival resources, so that you have enough security to raise offspring.Here’s the emotional value:Most of the time, women prefer men who can provide emotional value. They can earn their own money, but they can make themselves happy, understand their inner needs, and appease their own small emotions. Such a man is not easy to find.Isn’t it because Chen Zhuo is humorous, romantic and has ideas, can understand her, and is relaxed and happy with him? This is emotional value.Those men who can coax a woman into giving her heart and soul just by talking, because they can provide the emotional value that women want most, and finally companionship value:If a man is always working overtime, in meetings, on business trips, playing video games or drinking and playing cards with his buddies when he doesn’t have time to spend with you, then he isn’t giving you enough time as your partner.It is said that companionship is the longest confession of love, what is the value of companionship, as the name implies, once a man does not invest enough time in you, the money investment (survival value) and emotional investment (emotional value) mentioned above, are not valid.So men, what about women?Women have two major values in the marriage market — reproductive value and emotional value.The first is reproductive value: From a biological point of view, the key to sexual attraction is that both you and he subconsciously want to procreate, so you are attracted to a man who has better survival value, such as being richer, more attractive, more dedicated and willing to spend time with you.Because he can provide you with more material security, his excellent appearance is pleasing to the eye, his single-mindness can make you avoid the anxiety and pain of worrying about his cheating, his long-term companionship can make you feel more secure.Either way, it’s a trait that’s at the heart of your reproductive subconscious.On the other hand, in men’s subconscious mind, women with large pelvis, thin waist and high hips have better innate conditions to give birth to children, and women with large breasts can better guarantee the healthy growth of children. The physical features we often say, such as big eyes, straight nose, small face, large breasts, white skin and long legs, all belong to reproductive value.Your good looks and good genes mean he chooses you, and your offspring will be more attractive, with more resources to survive better.The essence of both sexes is to survive and reproduce. This is the logic of human beings. Only by understanding the logic of human beings can you grasp the logic of relationships.Then again, emotional value:Told the emotional value is the same as the man, get along with you, if he can feel relaxed and happy, but there are differences, compared to women more pursuit is a kind of each other understand your feeling, men like fresh stimulus, you have your own idea, when you talk to him calmly confident, sometimes a challenge to his authority, tease him, make him mood fluctuations follow you,He will see you as different from other women because you provide him with more emotional experience.What the old white said above is the value theory in the relationship between the sexes. You can now think about what values he attracts you, and what values you can attract him?It makes sense for you to adjust the way you interact with each other.Ok, the content of this period is over here, if you have any place that you don’t understand, you can come to the private letter old white oh ~ point a concern, let us see you next time!