Visitor Center and information point/BLOKK Architects Studio, Buda Castle, Budapest, Hungary

2022-04-28 0 By

Studio Hello Wood and BLOKK architects have recently completed a new visitor centre and information point in Hungary’s historic Buda Castle district.Designed as a fully reflective, near-perfect cube, it blends perfectly with its surroundings by reflecting clear images, making it the perfect spot for passers-by to take selfies.The client wanted to maintain the cultural quality of the area, so the mirror effect was designed.The architect’s mission was to extend the historic city blocks with modern architecture that did not disrupt the harmony of existing buildings;And what better way to honor the region than to literally reflect it?Located in the heart of the district, next to buda Castle, the 30-square-metre visitor centre is designed to conform and respond to the environment.The pavilion is topped by a tapered, fully reflective roof, a strong feature and nod to the modern approach of the heritage site.The information point is both an information desk and a souvenir shop, scattered in three different locations.An interesting contrast between the exterior and the interior makes the visitor center and information points more engaging.The coolness of the mirror-like exterior walls is matched by the bright and warm interior covered in natural pine plywood.Skylights at the top of the visitor center ensure a large influx of natural light while emphasizing the overall appearance of the building.For ease of transport and field assembly, all structures are made up of four steel frame modules that are lifted into place by crane.The pavilions were first conceptualized by BLOKK Architects and then implemented by Hello Wood.Name: Buda Castle Visitor Center and Information Point Location: Buda Castle District, Budapest, Hungary Architecture + concept.BLOKK architects studio | @ BLOKK_architects design + construction: Hello wood | @ hellowood chief architect: Sandor Finta chief designer: Peter Oravecz development director: Aladar Csontos team:Tamas Borzsei, Nandor Nagy, Bulcsu Szabo (BLOKK Architect Studio) Client: Castle Integrated Regional Development Centre Non-profit Limited Photography:Tamas Bata | @ tamasbata, zsuzsa darab. | @ zsuzsa darab, mate lakos