Total investment over 700 million yuan!Beihai Bureau added equipment for Qingdao Marine field “ice area scientific expedition”

2022-04-28 0 By

Qingdao Daily/View the sea news, February 16, reporter learned today from the Beihai Bureau of the Ministry of Natural Resources, beihai Bureau is building “icebreaking survey ship” and “buoy operation ship”, with a total investment of more than 700 million yuan, for Qingdao Marine field “ice area scientific expedition” to increase equipment help.The icebreaking research vessel was designed by the 708 Research Institute of China State Shipbuilding Corporation with a budget of 374 million yuan.The ship is an internationally advanced icebreaking research ship that meets the requirements of unlimited navigation area, has global navigation capability, and can safely navigate in polar ocean.The ship is equipped with an ice-breaking bow, PC6 ice reinforced, foremast and a slotted side thrust at the fore part, engine room located amidships, aft open deck for scientific research operations.The ship adopts an advanced and reliable full-rotation electric propulsion system, equipped with diesel-electric propulsion machinery and two pod thrusters. It is equipped with dynamic positioning DP-1 system, integrated navigation system and ship roll reduction system.A box keel protruded from the bottom.The multi-beam transducer mounting area is located in the box keel area and the bottom is ice-resistant.The buoy operation vessel was designed by China Ship Research and Design Center with a budget of 349 million yuan.For steel Marine engineering ship, the ship B2 ice strengthening structure, long forecastle, a layer of continuous deck, engine room located at the back of the ship, main propulsion for two sets of rotary, podded electric propulsion system, equipped with bow thruster, which can realize stepless speed regulation and DP – 2 dynamic positioning, 10 meters large buoy guarantee ability of large ship special purposes.It is worth mentioning that the “icebreaking survey ship” being built by the North Sea Bureau is attracting much attention.The ship was designed by the 708 Research Institute of China State Shipbuilding Corporation, which also designed Xuelong 2. Many of the icebreaking research ship’s designs and parameters are as good as xuelong 2’s.For example, the use of full rotation electric propulsion system, which means that free rotation in place can be achieved, achieve bow and stern ice-breaking in both directions.In terms of ice-breaking ability, the icebreaking research ship is slightly higher than xuelong, but lower than Xuelong 2.Icv divides the ice-breaking ability into PC1 to PC7, with PC1 having the strongest ice-breaking ability and PC7 the weakest.The icebreaking grade of Xuelong is PC6, the icebreaking survey ship is PC6, and xuelong 2 is PC3.At present, China’s polar icebreakers have undergone four updates, and Xuelong and Xuelong 2 are the polar icebreakers in service after Xiangyanghong 10 and Polepole.In the ice-breaking era of “Double Dragon Polar Exploration”, the ice-breaking survey ship built by Beihai Bureau will further enrich the strength of Qingdao’s Marine scientific research and provide new Marine scientific equipment for polar scientific research.(Qingdao Daily/Sea View News reporter Li Xunxiang)