Surprise!Sun Zhuo and Peng Wenle sent flowers to their mother, who was very pleased

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Who said that only daughters are small cotton-padded jacket, son warm heart, absolutely as good as the daughter, will let the parents more moved, Sun Zhuo and Peng Wenle’s action in the afternoon, let everyone a bright.We all know that Peng Wenle and Sun Zhuo were abducted and found.Peng Wenle was snatched at the age of 3 and found at the age of 6.Sun Zhuo was abducted at the age of four and recovered at 18.Their shared experience and the support of their fathers had given them a lot of common topics. They sat together at dinner, whispering from time to time, talking happily, a little late.Sun Zhuo took off his mask. When he smiled, the arc of his right mouth was exactly the same as Sun Haiyang’s.Sun Haiyang was very happy. At the banquet, he not only asked Sun Zhuo to take off his mask, but also took the two of them to toast to their relatives, just like showing off their handsome sons. He was very proud and very happy.According to the custom of Hubei New Year’s Day, after lunch, everyone had separate activities. Sun Haiyang and Peng Gaofeng went to drink tea and chat, the mothers played mahjong, and the boys sang karaoke.Young people’s hobbies are always similar. Sun Zhuo and his sister sang the song “Fragrance of Rice” together, as if they had gone back to their childhood. They caught fireflies together, chased dragonflies barefoot together, and ran in the fragrance of rice together.Not knowing whether they planned it over dinner or at karaoke, the three young men quietly went out and bought two bouquets of flowers.When Sun Zhuo went to her mother with the flowers in her arms and handed them to her mother, Peng Siying was stunned for a moment. She unconsciously took the flowers and could not help holding her son. Although she could not see her tears, I believe there must be tears shining.It’s been hard. It’s been worth it.Peng Wenle was a little shy. She found her mother and turned sideways to give her the flowers. Her mother was also stunned.Not small cotton-padded jacket, warmer than small cotton-padded jacket, the two handsome boys, is mother’s warm heart treasure.Two fathers are drinking tea, at this time do not know that the mothers were moved to cry by their son’s warm heart, they are leisurely leisurely tea, I guess, if they know will be jealous, at least there will be sour feeling.Time flies, it is time to respectively, Peng Gaofeng said goodbye to Grandma Sun Zhuo, grandma wenle as his grandson, peng Gaofeng as his nephew, the old man reluctant to leave them, reluctantly pulled peng dad’s sleeve.Sun Haiyang, as usual, will peng Gaofeng family to the car, waving, watching away.Bring blessings, take away thoughts.This article is the first original, declined to copy or reprint without permission.Little Huihui turns into a naughty boy when he gets back to his hometown. He climbs on the roof of the car and sets off fireworks on the wall.From 28 events in the little angel New Year’s visit, about the importance of family tradition family discipline sweet happiness!From Sun Haiyang’s New Year’s greetings dinner, talk about the dining custom of Hubei New Year’s Day ten days of luohe life, Zhang Yangyang is surrounded by warmth, blood return # Film dear prototype Sun Haiyang son has been found #