Shenzhou 13 is scheduled to return in mid-April!Why dongfeng landing area?How to search for astronauts?

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2022 is bound to be an extraordinary year.The Beijing Winter Olympic Games are in full swing, fully demonstrating China’s comprehensive national strength and firm determination to build a community with a shared future for mankind.But the biggest event of the year is not just the Winter Olympics. On February 10th, China’s space station brought another piece of good news: the astronauts of Shenzhou 13 will soon return home.More than four months have passed since the Shenzhou 13 spacecraft entered the space station for the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics. According to the space agency’s plan, astronauts need to stay in the space station for another two months.Spring thunder, all living things.The astronauts will be back in mid-April, just in time to see the glorious spring scenery of their homeland.And the space agency has decided to launch multiple space missions this year.The launch of Shenzhou 13 required a lot of preparation to ensure that the mission would be completed perfectly.In addition, the safety of the astronauts landing is also a top priority, according to the “Blue Book of China’s Space science and Technology Activities” conference professionals can be learned that the landing is to adopt a “quick return” program, and the landing site is still the same as shenzhou 12 before the selection of the Dongfeng landing site.But the eastern landing area is very extensive, after the Shenzhou 13 landing, the astronauts whereabouts and how to explore?Shenzhou 13 astronauts are the first in Chinese history to celebrate the New Year in the space station.Before shenzhou 13 took off, backup staff prepared enough “Spring Festival goods” for the three astronauts, such as dumplings, tangyuan, noodles and so on.Shenzhou 13 astronauts in space to celebrate the Lunar New Year astronauts to the space station hung red lanterns, red window, calligraphy background Zhai Zhigang also personally write couplets and fu, strong strokes, ink lang clear, all people praise.The trio also had a jubilant year aboard the space station.Shenzhou 13’s six-month mission in space is a significant milestone for China’s space program and one of the world’s longest docking missions.Compared with The Shenzhou 12, the shenzhou 13 mission has been changed in the following aspects.The first reason for shenzhou-13 is that manned spacecraft need to adopt autonomous fast docking mode during rendezvous and docking, so that they can dock quickly and accurately in the space station.The second task is to achieve the core module in the spacecraft and the two carrying cargo and the spacecraft itself, to ensure normal operation.The third task is to observe the astronauts’ physical changes during their stay in the space station and their adaptation to space life.Comrade Wang Yaping’s fourth mission is also an affirmation of female astronauts entering the space station.Comrade Wang Yaping is the first female astronaut to carry out extravehical activities in space, which is of groundbreaking significance.The fifth mission is to continue the shenzhou 12 mission to improve on the basis of the mission, and carry out more high-tech experiments, in the hope of obtaining new research results, can provide help for the future development of human space.And then the last one is to launch the shuttle quickly from emergency standby to rapid launch.These missions are also tests and challenges for China’s space industry.The buoyancy in space is most anticipated by people around the world, or the return speed of Shenzhou 13. According to official reports, the plan of “fast return” is that Shenzhou 13 will fly longer in space than Shenzhou 12, and naturally return to the ground faster.The main content of this kind of technology is that after the manned spacecraft separates from the space station, it flies around the space station for a period of time, verifies the effect of docking at a specific time, and then enters the orbit of returning to earth.The return of Shenzhou 12 after entering the return orbit, the orbit of the re-entry capsule also detached.The spacecraft will also need to make several attitude adjustments and slow down changes on the way back to Earth.Compared with Shenzhou 12, Shenzhou 13 took only a few hours.After the completion of the shenzhou 13 mission, Shenzhou 14 will also be launched, and on the basis of the 13 mission, it will carry out arduous tasks such as the assembly of the space station, as well as transposition and space science experiments.Shenzhou 14 and this time 14 is not alone, 15 will soon launch a mission.This is the first time in human history that two spacecraft are docked in the space station, and the first time that six astronauts have been sent into space, demonstrating the absolute strength of our country in space.Dongfeng landing site in fact before this, shenzhou spacecraft landing site is not dongfeng landing site, but located in the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region of siziwang Banner region.Shenzhou I and Shenzhou 11 have landed at siziwang Flag.We can’t help but wonder, what is so special about dongfeng landing site that it can become the second main landing site?Dongfeng landing ground siwangziqi region is characterized by a large area sparsely populated, stable environment, located on high mountains.Dongfeng landing site also has the following characteristics, but different from Siwang Ziqi, dongfeng landing site is located on the sandy grassland, which fully meets the landing requirements of Shenzhou 13.And it has more landing advantage in the distance, when the spacecraft landing can quickly realize the landing of people and warehouse at the same time.How to locate the astronauts?In the search for spacecraft has already had shenzhou 12 landing ground in the east of the spark.Although the spacecraft will experience atmospheric turbulence, dramatic temperature changes, and external pressure on its return to Earth, shenzhou 13 will be able to find its general orientation during landing, albeit not very accurately, but not by much.During the search for the spacecraft, researchers will also explore China’s Beidou system.And when the spacecraft drops to a certain altitude, its speed and direction will not change too much because of external factors.With the help of the BDS, scientists on the ground can conduct precise searches based on data provided by the BDS, as long as the spacecraft does not enter the black barrier area.We don’t need to worry too much, after all, when the spacecraft returned to the space agency has turned on real-time monitoring, fully ensure the safety of the three astronauts.The rapid development of China’s space industry is beyond the imagination of the world’s people. In just a few decades, China has walked to the forefront of the world in many aspects.This is the result of the hard work of generations of scientists.China’s international Space Station and this time China’s space station construction is also supported by many countries, a total of 17 countries in China’s space station.The world in April fangfei, flower season and meet you.Hope that April, when spring is everywhere, will bring the news that the astronauts have landed safely after completing their mission.