Ren Zelong comrade to the traffic police detachment investigation and supervision

2022-04-28 0 By

On the afternoon of February 5, Ren Zelong, party Secretary and director of the Municipal Public Security Bureau, visited the traffic police detachment to investigate the traffic management work of the public security bureau, supervise the implementation of security and stability maintenance measures during the Winter Olympics and the Spring Festival, and visited the officers on duty.City public security Bureau party committee member, traffic police detachment captain Zhang Danong, the city public security Bureau command center is mainly responsible for comrade, traffic police detachment at home team members to participate.Ren Zelong inspected the traffic police work at the interchange of Beijing Road and Shuhe Road, and the traffic police station at the interchange of Beijing Road and Malingshan Road, and investigated motorized patrol and traffic congestion protection in urban areas.In the traffic police detachment scene watched the actual combat drill brigade, looked at the traffic police detachment brigade, law enforcement supervision center and internal control supervision center work, the scene listened to the relevant situation report.During the meeting, Ren Zelong presided over a symposium, listening to the traffic safety management work report, the city’s public security traffic police department in accident prevention, blocking and maintaining smooth, standardized construction of law enforcement and air quality assurance work to give full affirmation, to the detachment team and traffic police team good spirit to give high evaluation.Ren Zelong stressed that traffic management work point is wide, closely related to the interests of the people, do a good job of traffic management responsibility is significant, important significance.First, strengthen the political and police forces.Firmly grasp the party’s fundamental political attribute of public security, comprehensively and strictly govern the Party and police, continue to strengthen the construction of discipline, timely comb and eliminate the risk points in the team, to ensure the health and stability of the team.Strengthen the daily education and management of the troops, guide the auxiliary police to strictly observe political discipline and rules, strictly implement the Six Provisions and other police rules and regulations, and constantly improve the political literacy of the troops and enhance their combat effectiveness.Second, we need to focus on current key tasks.To ensure security and stability during the Winter Olympics and the Spring Festival, we will continue to strengthen road control, make preparations in advance for the post-Spring Festival travel peak, and avoid widespread and prolonged road congestion.We will pay close attention to accident prevention, deepen the special rectification of “two roads and two vehicles”, comprehensively eliminate all kinds of traffic safety hazards, and strictly prevent the occurrence of major accidents to ensure road safety and smooth operation.It is necessary to give full play to the role of the special squad forbidding the burning and releasing of fireworks, coordinate and promote the implementation of various measures, timely discourage and investigate and punish illegal discharge behaviors in accordance with the law, and ensure a good air environment.● Three to adhere to science and technology strong police.We will make full use of information and scientific means to improve and optimize traffic safety management, take targeted measures to address traffic congestion, and raise the level of standardized law enforcement.It is necessary to broaden horizons, increase knowledge and innovate ideas through multiple channels by going to colleges and universities for further study and going out for investigation and study, so as to cultivate a group of professional talents and constantly adapt to the needs of public security traffic management in the new era.