Lang Ping may have too much faith in Zhu ting to replace top star Wang Shuang like Shui Qingxia did

2022-04-28 0 By

From the women’s substitution of the Tokyo Olympic Games women’s volleyball team, the first score from the women’s striker asine substituted, the Chinese team scored three goals to beat South Korea in a row, I was thinking, if the Tokyo Olympic Games, the first twila has exposed the injury is not the ball, in the first game of the third or second, don’t let twila, then decorate play the Italy squad ahead of time, the Chinese team win,Group the presence of the possibility of 100%, and this squad can rode all the way to the final lang ping might be too believe twila, but you know, an injured player, he’s play is not as good as a general players in the first game of the second level 0 when behind 6 substituted twila, lost the final 14 than 25 if teammates battle this bureau to win or lose, closeLang guide naturally trust Zhu Ting teammates, then do not let Zhu Ting on, and the third game replaced Zhu Ting is 14 to 25 lost.In this way, Lang Ping naturally started Zhu Ting in the second game. In the second game against The United States, Zhang Changning’s 6 one-pass spiking efficiency was 6.6, Li Yingying’s 11 one-pass spiking efficiency was 14.80, and Zhu Ting’s 5 one-pass spiking efficiency was 37.8. Zhu Ting performed best in the second game, which also promoted zhu Ting to start the third game.What Tokyo Women’s Volleyball team needs to do is not only not rely on Zhu Ting’s playing style in tactics, but also not rely on Zhu Ting in mentality and psychology. I think it is the latter’s lack of adequate preparation and psychological construction that leads to the imminent collapse.Don’t take cards, book strength without Zhu Ting group qualification should still be some.May not have zhu Ting from the Olympic Games before the preparation will not play into such.Lang guide and teammates have dependence on Zhu Ting, not used to Zhu Ting competition will not play out are some meng.This is also based on the fact that Zhu Ting, as the core of the competition, has been consistently high output and achieved top three results.Three championships, three winners, one runner-up and one third runner-up.And the Big Champions League.The Olympic Games was not easy to play, without Zhu Ting, may not win Turkey, the United States is more difficult, may also lose two consecutive.Olympic mentality is very important, The Chinese women’s volleyball team in Tokyo Olympic Games is not to shock the opponent’s mentality at all, but nervous when lagging behind, unlike Rio, there is nothing to lose.