How do singles spend Valentine’s Day?Zeng Li played alone, Li Xinai disguised herself as a man, deng Lun was a pet fan

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When it comes to special occasions like Valentine’s Day, there’s always romance in the air on social media.Couples are taking the opportunity to create surprises, while single people are worried about being “forced” to eat dog food.Celebrities are not immune from the common people.On Valentine’s Day, a number of celebrity couples celebrated the occasion with status updates on social media.”Happy Valentine’s Day to you all,” Chou posted a picture of himself and Hannah Quinlivan.The light in the photo adds a hazy touch, as Jay and Hannah stand side by side, looking perfectly suited for each other despite their age difference.Zhang danlu posted on her social media account the flowers and cakes prepared by her husband, Zhao Wenzhuo.And zhao Wenzhuo said that “every day is Valentine’s Day” must let Zhang Danlu’s joy more than a few minutes, the two have stepped into the marriage hall for 16 years, the feelings are still inseparable, really let a person envy.Yang Xiyao (real name Yang Yi) posted a clip of her wedding ceremony, expressing her love for her husband, Law Zhongqian, saying: “Only with love can you experience the beauty in life.”Celebrities in love share their happiness freely on Valentine’s Day, while single celebrities also have their own “holiday poses”.”You will have a big meal on Valentine’s Day. Let me take the pain of traveling alone.”In the photos, Zeng li is wearing a thick purple coat and a white woolen hat.As a recognized beauty in the entertainment circle, Zeng Li’s beauty is beyond doubt, let a person’s surprise is that the United States so outstanding Zeng Li is still unmarried, and is still single state.Low-key Zeng Li is never willing to compromise, but also knows how to enjoy life and is satisfied with the status quo. Maybe it is because of this that Zeng Li can maintain such a good state.Li xinai spent valentine’s Day in an unusual way, Posting a video of a woman dressed as a man on her social media platform, saying: “What’s the matter with a boy to be handsome? I spend Valentine’s Day alone.”At the beginning of the video, Li xinai is dressed fashionably with elaborate makeup and looks like a sex goddess.After a bit of manipulation, Li cut off her hair, removed her nails and makeup, and removed her heels to become a cool “handsome guy.”Despite the video effect, the final result is quite good, and Li xinai’s unique valentine’s Day pose has gained a lot of attention.In addition to spending valentine’s Day playing alone or dressing up as a man, single celebrities also choose to spend the day with a group of lovers.Deng, who is known as a heartthrob, used her studio to post side-by-side photos of the cover shoot, spend the holidays with her fans and stress in her copywriting that she is single.In the photos, Deng’s facial expression is cool, her hair is messy and handsome, and her profile is clear and smooth. The sudden beauty shock has comforted many single fans.I have to say, This wave of deng Lun fan welfare is really sent to the hearts of fans.Wang dalu also posted a series of artistic photos as a fan benefit, wish everyone a happy Valentine’s Day.Gong made several dog heads to identify himself as a single dog and asked his fans: “Happy Valentine’s Day?”The sour taste of his words seems to spill over the screen, but gong didn’t forget to comfort his fans by Posting handsome photos.Other pop stars, such as Kit Qiong Chow, Woo Yuheng and Zhao Yue, also shared beautiful photos with their fans on Valentine’s Day.There are single celebrities who spend Valentine’s Day with fans, and there are single celebrities who spend Valentine’s Day with family and friends.Huang zongze revealed that he spent valentine’s Day with many friends, and hosted valentine’s Day afternoon tea for everyone.Tseng spends valentine’s Day with his mother and shows his love to her without reservation.In the photo, Tseng’s mother is smiling all over her face, apparently satisfied with her son’s warm gesture.Therefore, people who are in a relationship can take Valentine’s Day for granted, and people who are not in a relationship can also spend valentine’s Day in their own way.But still hope these single stars can find their own happiness soon.This article is strictly prohibited without authorization plagiarism, offenders will investigate!