Eric Chu and his three young people are looking forward to putting the epidemic behind them in the New Year

2022-04-28 0 By

ZongGeTai media reported, to greet the arrival of the lunar year of the tiger, the Chinese kuomintang (KMT) party chairman Eric chu yesterday with three young friends together to write one’s first, write down “the tiger gave birth to wind” Spring Festival couplets and New Year’s greetings to you, but bless the New Year, people from all walks of life thriving, Taiwan the year of the tiger, also hope all the people work together, to walk as soon as possible new crown epidemic raged, despite the outbreak of shade,It was a year of flying jumps.Write Spring Festival couplets picking for Eric chu is not strange, during his tenure as mayor of new north, many times in the municipal occasion pen to write, write off the cuff, saturated strength is quite a good hand is quite popular with the public, in order to meet the lunar New Year, Eric chu especially with international commissioner Wu Liangyi, party youth player must be modest and Kang Jinyu young friends start to paint, wish you happy New Year.See Lilun Chu’s essay writing, that is, the appearance of a full, neat brush, three young friends also put away the New Year’s relaxed frolic atmosphere, began to write seriously, a stroke to write the blessing and expectations of the New Year.Wu Liangyi, who wrote Spring Festival couplets publicly for the first time, said, “It’s really great pressure to write brushes next to the president.” After the successful completion, Zhu gave high evaluation to the “Mobao” of three young friends, thinking that each has its own characteristics, showing the image of young people advocating personal style. From the pen movement, we can see the youthful breath of young friends.The lunar New Year Spring Festival couplets added festival festival atmosphere not only, more representative and expectation on the outlook for the coming year, the kuomintang launched this year’s New Year Spring Festival couplets to “oxen-led tiger leap, safety and happiness” as the main shaft, embodied in the design of general well-known calligrapher Wu Guosheng calligraphy, especially at the end of the “2022” tiger compose ACTS the role of a lovely tiger by the tail, points out the year of the tiger elements,Let families add lively joy when Posting.It is also reported that yesterday was the second day of the Chinese New Year, which is the traditional day of “returning to his mother’s home”. Chu also went to daxi, Taoyuan, his mother’s hometown, to commemorate his grandparents who passed away.Chu posted that he “went back to his mother’s home” on the second day of junior High school.Since childhood with mother back to the big brook’s maiden “MeiHe hill”, to the most painful of his grandfather grandma happy New Year, between various relatives elders chudn MQN zi, play with his brothers and sisters, happy New Year together, although my grandfather grandma gone, mother also left for many years, at the beginning of sophomore will walk back to their hometown, see the renovation of the old house, I miss the best childhood memories.[Xue Yang/Editor] # Taiwan # If you want to know more about Taiwan, follow the Strait Herald