What does marriage give women?Happy or crying hysterically?

2022-04-27 0 By

Now it is 2 o ‘clock in the morning, there are women in the community loudly crying, said for a long time, in front of the people pointing, so loud hysteria really sad…Because I have had such a time, the kind of helpless and bullied wronged, can not tell friends and family to talk, can only bear their own……I went to bed late today because school will soon start, and my child was making up for homework. I happened to hear it and suddenly felt very sad…Every woman yearning for marriage life, most of them feel married to love, she decided that the man in front of her will love her, love her, understand her, tolerance her, regardless of money or money, they will lead a very comfortable.But the truth is, when a man marries a woman, he can either become better or worse.The difference lies in that the better is really married to love, the worse is married to reality.Either way, I believe that most women are reasonable and responsible for their families. In their hearts, they must want to live a better and better life. However, when life is unsatisfactory and people are unsatisfactory, the quarrel comes.Whenever the man considerate woman a little bit, take into account the woman feel a little bit, this home will have laughter, the day is not just a little bit sweet.Finally, I would like to say that marriage is not easy. Since WE have decided to go together, we should give each other more love. Only a family that can feel love can be full of happiness.Wish everyone happiness, health and happiness!