“Upward posture” material use guidance and review

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Sunflowers grow hard towards the sun, is the best attitude of life;Goshawk flying toward the blue sky, is the dream of climbing the highest far posture;Haizi facing the sea, spring flowers, is the most true attitude of childish feelings……Upward posture, is the desert populus euphratica, is the stars in the night, with expectations, to the United States!Please write a narrative essay of no less than 600 words on the topic “Upward Posture”.”Upward posture” is an essay with two key words.”Up”, is to go in a good direction, the meaning of progress, contains the connotation of positive progress.”Posture” has two meanings, one is “posture”, the other is “attitude, bearing”.Upward, is not only the nature of thousands of thousands of forms of life: sunflower growth, goshawk fighting in the sky, men of war today……It also hides the spiritual connotation of overcoming difficulties, looking up at the starry sky, striving to climb, daring to try, optimistic and confident, determined faith, and not yielding to fate.Be specific about one or more of the positions you choose to take upward, but be careful to show a moving detail, a moving shot, or a powerful scene.It also reveals the character’s thought, character, temperament, interest, pursuit and spirit displayed behind the posture, and even explains the influence and enlightenment of these beautiful spirits on “me”, or gives “me” the power, so that “ME” what kind of metamorphosis.When sublimating the theme, it can not only be from the surface to the deep, but also from the individual to the group, from small to large: it is the same for an individual, a single living body, and the whole human race.The surface phenomenon is so, the deep connotation is not so?To explore the connotation of “posture”, we should not only stay in the display of people or things outside the posture, but should focus on exploring the influence of “posture” on “me” in spiritual guidance, moral improvement, growth Epiphany and other aspects.Material 1: You don’t have to worry, not only you have confidence, the teacher has confidence, we all have confidence.Mainly lies in the psychological cultivation, spiritual cultivation, save the “gain and loss of indifferent” “victory and defeat of the soldiers often” as no obstruction of the heart, package you have no problem.Ever since you were little, I’ve been afraid to spoil you with flattery.And now that you are in possession of everything, I have no scruitance to say how glad and proud I am!The Chinese temperament, the Chinese soul, is as strong in you as I am, and I am also very happy.Mom says your letters seem to be filled with sparkling eyes.Of course, you are all over the spark of youth, the bright youth, the youth of life and talent, natural writing has so big attraction.Your mother and I always say, this is the golden age of your life, I hope you enjoy, experience, give you a life to do the most wonderful memories of the foundation!See oneself grow up mature day by day, understand the thing day by day more, spiritual field day by day more wide, mind day by day wide, feelings day by day plump deep: this is not the life the most happy happiness is what!This is not the most enduring and charming poem!My child, you are blessed!– Excerpt from “Fu Lei’s Letter to his family” Material Point: This paragraph of text, fu Lei wrote a variety of expectations and praise for children.This is the upward posture of individuals on the way of growth. Such stories can not only be applied to topics such as “the realization of dreams”, “the color of youth” and “the value of life”, but also to topics such as “the cultivation of soul” and “the inheritance of national culture”.Material 2: He just graduated from junior high school, because the family life is really difficult, he dropped out of school and returned to the countryside to work on the farm.As soon as the slack season comes, the drum will be placed in the yard, gently beat.After all, hard work pays off to those who wait, knocking, drums on the road in general, gradually there is a rhythm rhythm.He can beat different drums according to the current popular songs, or cheerful, or soothing, or depressing…Happy when such as surging spring, relieve when such as the river water, depression such as deep pool SOB……In short, where his drumsticks went up, the drums thundered so deafeningly that he struck out the beautiful music of every day in the village.Some young people surrounded him every day behind the front of the body, begged to worship him as a teacher, he hand in hand patiently and carefully taught, in the village formed a strong “learn drum wind.”Under his active advocacy, every family bought a drum, in the spare time, the villagers in drumming this recreational way to strengthen the body, in drumming to find the true meaning of life and happiness.In the past five years, he won the crown without exception and became the veritable “Drum King of small village”.The local government approached him and offered him a job as head of a cultural station, which he declined.He left the village alone in silence.He said he had a weak foundation and wanted to go out to study music theory to further improve himself and strive to become the “King of Drum in China”.This is a story about ordinary people striving to pursue their dreams. In addition, it also contains the connotation of cultural inheritance.It can be used in such topics as “life choices”, “pursuing my dream” and “you are my guide”.Material three: In the early morning of June 16, 1922, Chen Jiongming rebelled against the revolution.At the critical moment when the rebels attempted to shell the marshal’s house and residence, Sun Yat-sen asked Soong Ching Ling to leave first, but she said to Sun Yat-sen, “China can do without me, can not do without you”, insisting that Sun Yat-sen leave safely first.Soong Ching Ling’s whole life was always connected with the masses.After the founding of New China, she went to all parts of the country to inspect factories, villages, troops and ethnic minority areas, and cared about people’s lives.She is modest and kind, treats people equally, gets things done, and is a true public servant.She devoted her life to the cause of women’s liberation and was one of the outstanding leaders in the Field of Chinese women. She served successively as honorary president of the All-China Women’s Federation and presided over the work of the China Relief Federation and the Red Cross Society of China for a long time.She devoted her life to the cultural and educational welfare of children.”Some things can wait,” she once said, “but the upbringing of children cannot wait.”She is a loving grandmother to the nation’s children.The children’s Time magazine founded by Her is one of the earliest children’s books in New China. It has always been loved by young children and is their good teacher and helpful friend.She often says: “Children are the flowers of our motherland, children are our future, because the future of the world belongs to children.”Although she had no children of her own, she devoted all her maternal love to the children of China.Material point: this material, will be a heart of love, heart of the female image of the world is well deduced.It can be applied not only to grand themes such as “the backbone of the nation”, “the happiness of the nation” and “the glorious chapter of life”, but also to small topics such as “love”, “heroes in my heart” and “unforgettable people”.Upward attitude of life let us see, not only gray, more is bright color, beautiful color.Once, on my way to school, I saw a small shop that closed for a while, and then building materials began arriving and piling up beside the door, which didn’t take up much space.Then, he saw several workers busy, waiting for the door to unload, only to find that the original wall of various decorations have been removed.Oh, this place is going to be completely renovated!So what exactly is it going to look like?I couldn’t help wondering.I passed by on my way to school the next day, and the workmen had put up the scaffolding: simple ladders, horizontal planks, tile knives in their hands, like a warrior’s halberd, shining in the sun.Everything in life seemed positive and uplifting.They squat in the air on the scaffolding, paint installed in the bucket, in careful daub, the wall finally like a beautiful bud, blooming should have beautiful posture.No one could have imagined that such a beautiful scene could blossom out of such rough hands: the gray brick could no longer be seen to be broken, but the workers dressed it in a white “undercoat”, after the primer was applied, they took a brush to work.Before long, the walls were painted with elegant orchids, green grass, and blue sky…More amazing, is the picture on that a few naive children, they hand hold a racket, play, that happy and pure look makes people feel smile.Look back at those workers, dyeing, coloring, tracing…Their every action is so moving, their every gesture, let people cherish respect — so big city, it is because of them, will become more and more beautiful, more and more warm.Twilight, the lights of the city, accompanied by colorful neon, lit up the heart of every passer-by.When class is over, the road side is silent, waiting to go to the road, far away to see the lights pouring out, shed countless halo, bring people another kind of warmth.They were still busy, but they had changed their tools, holding oversized brushes in their palms.At the moment, they are clearly the world’s highest bright city beautician, the edge of the wall, has been described on the or ink text, or blue tiles, or red skirt, or yellow cup……In short, in front of the hut, had faded the original shabby appearance, thoroughly into a thriving appearance.That warm light, that busy people, that beautiful pattern, suddenly into the depths of my heart, let me can not help feeling: everything, are born to the light posture;Everything is beautiful and upward.At a glance, you can imagine that the store will be a warm place when it reopens.Walking, I can not help but think of the roadside shoe repair deaf men, every day with a warm smile;Street selling vegetables of the old farmers, every time after selling vegetables to clean up the roadside;There are also children in the neighborhood, saw the neighborhood bicycle overturned, consciously help to stand up……On ordinary days, these souls, like beautiful buds, are in full bloom, bringing endless warmth and touching, happiness and joy to people.Originally, not words is warm yingying, but life itself is a warm source, as long as we cherish the most beautiful wishes, full of truth, days will bloom beautiful flowers, showing an upward posture, let our life toward a better, more and more far.”Zitai” is an abstract word. The author cleverly chooses the small people and events around him, and praises their dedication and professionalism, as well as the warm and positive influence they bring to him through the story of the workers’ hard painting and painting.The article incision is not big, from their own experience to write, read very moving.