Tsinghua associate professor immigrated to Canada with his family, but could only paint a miserable living, finally despair jumped off a bridge

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When the People’s Republic of China was just founded and everything was in ruins, our country was still relatively backward, and the advanced social productivity abroad made many Chinese people yearn for a life abroad.And many young scholars in our country sent to study abroad, achieve good results have been still choose to come back here, after the construction of our motherland, is because has such a large number of giving up a living abroad, returned the arduous struggle to build the scholars of our country, it would not have been the development of our country now.However, some people choose to settle down abroad and enjoy the convenient life abroad after finishing their studies.The next person I want to introduce is Jiang Guobing, an associate professor of Tsinghua University. When he was an associate professor of Tsinghua University, he had the opportunity to study in the United States. After studying abroad for a period of time, he abandoned his career in China and chose to emigrate to North America with his family.Originally thought that foreign life would be beautiful and relaxed, but did not think of a strange combination of circumstances, the final Jiang Guobin can only rely on paint for others to make money to live, and he also because of this humiliation, suicide and death.The life of Jiang Guobing, who was born in 1962 when The New China was still backward, is undoubtedly a bumpy one for a fearless young Tsinghua scholar.Growing up in an ordinary family, he loved learning very much from an early age. His parents’ education was also reading to change his fate. With this belief in learning, Jiang Guobing’s grades have always been among the best.Shortly after he was born, the new China restored the college entrance examination system, and Jiang Guobing was also ready to sign up. With a strong belief in learning, Jiang Guobing began his preparation for the exam. Finally, on the day of the college entrance examination, he successfully completed the exam.As expected, he became the top scorer in the college entrance examination when the results came out.With the envious eyes of his neighbors and the proud eyes of his parents, Jiang Guobing applied for and was admitted to Tsinghua University.When he got to college, he found that there were people out there, and there were many people who were better than him. What he could do was study harder to make up for his shortcomings.Therefore, jiang Guobing was very serious in his later study of professional courses. He spent all day in the library or classroom. Such efforts were effective after all, and he became an excellent representative of the same batch of graduates.After studying in the United States and emigrating abroad, Jiang Guobing’s efforts were not in vain. After he finished his studies with excellent results, he was successfully admitted to Tsinghua University for master’s degree, and successfully stayed in Tsinghua University to become a physics teacher.During the teaching period, Jiang Guobing’s performance is also very good, then married and had a happy life.However, because of his outstanding performance in the work, the school sent him to the United States to study at public expense.He was a stranger in the United States, and it was difficult for him to adapt to the life there. Fortunately, he was warmly received by his Own Tsinghua alumni. If he had the chance, he would also participate in some Chinese social activities and make friends with many overseas Chinese.Gradually Jiang Guobing adapted to the foreign life, used to these luxurious life, Jiang Guobing gradually liked the foreign life, and there are many Chinese working and living there, driving a luxury car and living in a villa, which let Jiang Guobing for heart, gradually produced the idea of staying in the United States.But as a government-sponsored student, he had to return to his homeland after finishing his studies, so he had no choice but to return to Beijing.After returning to Tsinghua university, he was given the position of associate professor by the university leaders because of his double doctorate.Jiang guobing has been treated far more than his peers, but he is not satisfied, facing his small salary, he is very dissatisfied, and thought of the life of those schoolmates he met in the United States, he finally decided to move to live abroad.Brush paint life miserable days once had such thoughts, Jiang Guobing immediately decided to resign from the post of himself in tsinghua, regardless of his Alma mater, retain resign, and let his wife also quit his job, for the children drop out of the formalities, soon with the help of friends, they got the visa to Canada.Jiang guobing thought he could get a good job wherever he went with his resume. However, after he arrived in Canada, the excellence in his eyes was worthless there.Reality hit him hard when many of his resumes went unanswered.But the more difficult problem appeared in front of him, Jiang Guobing need to feed his family, although he and his wife are senior intellectuals, but two people before the salary is not high to take care of a family, two people have no money saved, the time is very poor.No way, Jiang Guobing can only put down their so-called intellectual dignity, there to do odd jobs to make money, at the beginning of time, although it is to work for others, but he still feel that he has a day, but for a long time, his pride and self-esteem has been crushed by life.In Canada, he took his family and moved around, living a life completely different from his own education. For a long time, he worked as a painter and painted other people’s houses to earn his living.Devastated by life, he finally could not bear such a day in the viaduct jumped off, ended his life.Summary: Jiang Guobing’s life is undoubtedly a tragedy, originally young success, and work smoothly and happy family he has a great opportunity to enjoy their own career.But Jiang Guobing in order to seek the so-called their own good future, left to cultivate his hometown, left the motherland, but finally reduced to suicide.The fate is such ups and downs, and after making a wrong decision, he brought a lifetime of regret, and his experience makes people sigh, but also sounded a wake-up call to us.