The boy’s head was stuck in the concrete guardrail of the river

2022-04-27 0 By

At 11:20 am on March 23, a boy’s head got stuck in the concrete barrier of a river while he was playing in a water park in Xinhua district of Shijiazhuang city. The first station of Shijiazhuang Fire rescue Special Service was immediately dispatched to the scene.When fire and rescue personnel arrived at the scene, they found the boy’s head, which had become swollen, was caught between two guardrils by crying family members.Fire and rescue workers protected the boy with gloves and rescue suits, and then used hydraulic expanders to expand the concrete barrier. The boy was rescued eight minutes later.It was later learned that the boy had stuck his head between the guardrail of the river while playing, and was unable to get out. He cried and called 119 in a desperate situation.