Strong cooperation to promote innovation, Shandong Suqiang high-end equipment industry development “growth pole”

2022-04-27 0 By

High-end equipment industry is not only an important part of the real economy, but also reflects the level of high-quality development.To attach importance to high-end equipment industry is to take it as an important breakthrough point, enhance competitiveness in the digital, information and intelligent aspects of manufacturing industry, and create a new “growth pole” for industrial development.In the afternoon of February 11th, shandong province and the World top 500 connected high-end equipment industry cooperation special event was held in Jinan, the equipment manufacturing industry at home and abroad and guests from all walks of life focused on high-end equipment industry communication.Shandong has a clear way of thinking and a clear path to jointly develop and seize opportunities to promote growth.In shandong Province 2022 work mobilization Conference, Shandong will “innovation” as an important breakthrough, enhance economic and social innovation, the key is to rely on internal advantages, effectively drive industrial development with innovation.Take a look at a set of data: In 2021, the added value of Shandong high-end equipment manufacturing industry accounted for 46.4% of the equipment industry, and the output of industrial robots, sensors, optoelectronic devices and other new products increased by 38.7%, 22.7% and 73.1%, respectively.Taking scientific research and innovation as the core “driving force” of industrial development, and then obtaining more “first-mover advantage” in various fields, and creating core competitiveness on the “track” of industrial development, this is a clear idea facing the future of Shandong.In the “march” of old and new kinetic energy conversion, high-end equipment industry development potential in the release of high quality plays an important role, even the basic science research achievements on application side, even under the scene more consumption and production side, from across the country and based comprehensive look at home and abroad for cooperation, with high-end equipment, to promote the old and new kinetic energy conversion is one characteristic of “”.And look at the advantages: Shandong’s equipment industry has a complete range of products, and the industrial scale of many sub-industries ranks the top in China. Among them, agricultural machinery, machinery base parts and casting rank the first in China.The three industries of construction machinery, internal combustion engine and medical equipment rank second in China.The automobile industry ranks third in China.It goes without saying that in terms of technology research and development and deepening industrial cooperation, Shandong relies on many famous enterprises and single champion enterprises to make a “combination fist” in the construction of advantageous industrial clusters, which is of great significance. The realization of “new breakthrough” in high-end equipment industry is an important support to realize the transformation of old and new driving forces.Opening up and cooperation not only requires the best use of domestic and foreign resources and markets, but also requires a good selection of “entry points” in the cultivation and expansion of the whole industrial chain and industrial clusters to promote cooperation between strong countries.In 2021, the main business income of equipment manufacturing industry above designated scale in Shandong province will be 2.4 trillion YUAN;By 2025, the income of high-end equipment owners in Shandong province is expected to reach 3 trillion yuan.Propulsion technology research and development in the depth of the enterprise cooperation, market development, the industrial chain, this is an important basis of mutually beneficial cooperation, and promote the development of high quality towards a new level of important way, is ready to “foreign investment” “steady investment” “employment” stable “six” work important content, in seek improvement in stability, promote economic and social operation within a reasonable range,It is an important “construction map” for Shandong to look into the future to achieve the established development goals of the whole year while improving quality and efficiency.Development goes forward, innovation wins the future.Strong cooperation to promote cooperation, in the high-end equipment in the “blue sea” in the future of sailing, this is shandong’s constant insistence, is also an important advantage.Open cooperation, gather the strength of all directions, in the construction of a modern strong province, “walk in the forefront, create in an all-round way”, haidai between, see wonderful.(Article/Luo Ning)