Is farmer every month 400 yuan annuities realistic?How much is rural pension realistic?

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For the problem of pension in the countryside, many people think that the problem of pension in the countryside how much money can be in line with the situation of pension in the countryside?That is to say, how much money does the farmer get every month to be able to serve as the expense of the old age in the countryside, enough for the expense of this old age?Is 400 yuan enough?In view of the pension this problem 400 yuan is enough, in view of this problem, many people will feel that in the countryside for farmers in the pension do not need what kind of expenditure.In view of this problem, if he is an old man in the countryside, he does not need anything as long as he is healthy and able to work normally.For example, if you grow your own food, then you grow your own vegetables and raise your own poultry.In a situation where even peanut oil is grown by itself, in fact, for normal ordinary farmers, 400 yuan is actually not too big a problem.After all, in view of this problem, I personally think that in rural areas, if you want to be an old man’s pension of 400 yuan, according to what we said above, it should be basically ok.To see if you are healthy.In view of this problem, I personally think it should depend on whether the individual’s body is healthy. If the body is healthy, exactly speaking, it does not need too much cost. For example, 400 yuan is enough for rural people.If the health is not healthy, 400 yuan should not be enough, such as the health is not healthy, what is not strong.For example, if you can’t do gravity work, that is to say, you can’t grow vegetables and food. In this case, you need to buy more than 100 food every month. In this case, the sum of other miscellaneous things adds up, and 400 yuan is not enough.How realistic is the pension in the countryside?In view of the pension problem in the countryside, many people are in the countryside of the farmers in the 400 yuan of pension reality, in view of this problem, at present in the countryside of the pension is not so high.Now the most basic pension in the countryside is still more than 100 dollars, so for this more than 100 dollars, for the elderly in the countryside, is it necessary to make sure to do so?Actually in this case, I think 400 dollars in the inside of the rural pension wanted him to get real should wait, because today’s policy under the guidance of the pension will not rise so fast, even though this part of the cooperative medical care, and other a costs keep rising, but the pension and food prices, difficult to up is long.