Hefei 168 middle school north campus opened this year

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The new semester is coming. Which schools will be added to the doorstep of Hefei citizens this year?On February 13, the reporter learned from the Education Bureau of Hefei that in 2022, the city plans to build a total of 7 municipal school projects in autumn, including the first Middle East campus of Hefei and the new campus of Hefei No. 6 Middle School, which are attracting the attention of parents.At the same time, hefei 168 Middle School North campus, Hefei No. 8 Education Group Yunhe New Town campus, Hefei No. 6 Education Group Xinqiao campus and other projects are also expected to start construction within this year.Recently, hefei 2022 municipal government investment public welfare projects and three-year rolling investment plan released.The reporter learned from the municipal Bureau of Education that this year, municipal schools and municipal governments invested in public welfare projects a total of 26 (accounting for 10.36% of the city’s infrastructure public welfare projects).Among them,The new campus of anhui university institute of jianghuai (also), the new campus of hefei no.6 middle school, hefei, hefei, a Middle East campus one fei rivers campus education group, hefei BaZhong canal new town campus education group, hefei no.6 middle school education group, hefei xinqiao campus school 168 north campus and the foot of huang normal school reconstruction project phase ii “a big eight high” project for the city’s education the key items in 2022The eye.Seven municipal school projects are planned to be completed in autumn in 2022, according to the municipal Education Bureau.Hefei respectively, the new campus of hefei no.6 middle school, a Middle East campus of hefei one campus quality improvement project and the new art hall, sports center and underground garage project, hefei in hefei 2 5 peaceful campus reconstruction engineering, hefei 168 middle school TaoChong lake campus big maintenance projects and kindergarten USTC high-tech zone affiliated primary and secondary schools.Meanwhile, jianghuai College of Anhui University (tentative name), Feihe Campus of Hefei No.1 High School Education Group, Yunhe New Campus of Hefei No.8 High School Education Group, Xinqiao Campus of Hefei No.6 High School Education Group and other projects are accelerating the preliminary work, and strive to start construction as soon as possible within this year.A Middle East Campus in Hefei: the school scale is 4,650 people and it is planned to be completed in August this year.It is understood that the school design school scale of 4,650 people, a total construction area of about 189,000 square meters, the main construction content includes teaching and auxiliary rooms, administrative and teaching and research rooms, logistics and living rooms, sports facilities and the corresponding fence gates and other facilities.Since the construction started in June last year, the secondary structure of the Science and Innovation Center in The Middle East Campus of Hefei has been completed.Academic exchange center wall masonry completed 98%;The outer frame of the teaching building of grade one, grade two and grade three has also been removed and entered into the roof slab construction.According to the construction schedule, it is planned to be completed in August 2022, and the formal enrollment will be in autumn.The new campus of Hefei No. 6 Middle School covers an area of about 260 mu, with a total floor area of about 215,000 square meters. It is designed to provide 120 classes with 6,000 students and 5400 boarding students.The main construction contents include teaching and auxiliary rooms, administrative and teaching and research rooms, logistics and living rooms, sports facilities and ancillary facilities, etc.The project starts in August 2020 and is scheduled for completion in June 2022.Hefei newspaper all media reporter Liu Meimei