Early Years: A Review of the Interesting “Tangyuan” around the World

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In a twinkling of an eye, it is the last day of the East Asian Spring Festival: The Lantern Festival.(ha ha, there are dumplings to eat again – miscellaneous miscellaneous sister) eat, eat, eat, know to eat.In fact, the Lantern Festival on the 15th day of the first lunar month is a literal “foreign Festival” in East Asia: During the Yongping reign of Emperor Ming of the Han Dynasty (AD 58-75), Emperor Ming promoted Buddhism and CAI Yin (read:The Buddha is closely returned from India, and is said to be on the 15th day of the first lunar month in The Kingdom of Mahida, India.In order to promote Buddhism, Emperor Ming of the Han Dynasty ordered Buddha to be burned on the 15th night of the first lunar month in palaces and temples.Therefore, the custom of lanterns burning on the 15th day of the lunar New Year gradually spreads in East Asia as Buddhism’s influence expands and later Taoism joins in.In Buddhism, fire is likened to the divine power of Buddha, and is said to shine infinitely.But the illumination of the lamp does two good things: it is the darkness of the mortal world;The second is to show the light of Buddha dharma to destroy the troubles of all living beings.So in Buddhism ceremony, lamps are used as one of the offerings in front of Buddha.In the classic repeatedly declared that “one hundred thousand lights to repent SINS”, “for the world lights most fukuda”, at the same time, the Lantern Festival burning lights, in the past is burning candles, fuel lamps.Lamp stands for wisdom, drive away darkness, wisdom illuminates life, the deeper meaning it stands for burning oneself, shining on others.Therefore, it is of great merit and virtue to open lanterns and offer Buddha on the Lantern Festival.As Yuanxiao is a big festival, many people choose to eat animal-free food on this day to express good life and compassionate virtue. Yuanxiao (or its close relative, tangyuan), is a glutinous rice stuffed food with black sesame or peanut butter. Since its birth in the 10th century in Zhejiang, the Great Song Dynasty,It has been popular in China, Vietnam, Korea (Korea), Japan and other places.However, how many people know that tangyuan, or “Glue Rice Ball” snacks, have made their way to the world in recent decades?On the popular Foodnetwork website in the us, the gnocchi recipe received a “four and a half stars” rating.On YouTube, a famous video website registered in the United States, English videos of Chinese chefs making tangyuan appear from time to time.As for the origin of tangyuan, “Cylinder duck and dog Tangyuan” from Ningbo, Zhejiang province, has also been sold in Los Angeles and even on Amazon in recent years, gaining popularity among local people.On February 2, 2022, Marketwatch, a famous Business consulting website in the United States, released a market research report on Sticky Rice Ball.It provides a forecast of the global tangyuan market from 2022 to 2026, and the price of the report reaches 3000 USD!According to the list of tangyuan consumers displayed in the public version of the report, in addition to the original countries such as Japan and China, as well as the United States and Canada, which introduced tangyuan as early as the 19th century, European countries such as Germany, Britain, France, Italy and Spain are also included in the market research scope.It can be seen that Tangyuan, which is easy to make, soft and glutinous, with various fillings and suitable for both hot and cold, was also welcomed by Europeans.In fact, Tangyuan has long been courted by Michelin (yes, the tire company), and Iced and Hot Tangyuan, located in Taipei 101, received a Michelin star in 2021.Tang Yuan opened the first Michelin eyes.It is understood that tangyuan was first recognized by Europeans in the 1990s, when the number of Chinese immigrants and students from China and surrounding areas increased. Europeans preferred the cold flavor of tangyuan to its hot, hot flavor — glutinous rice is closer to the texture of ice cream, but there is no fear of obesity.And then there is the fruit filling gnocchi, which europeans are more perfer.It is worth mentioning that as tangyuan gained popularity in Europe, some Italian people also cooked a bowl of honey tangyuan on December 31, “Shou Sui”, symbolizing reunion and happiness.According to research, the earliest version of Tangyuan, like the Lantern Festival, came from India.But Indian “tangyuan” can not be so pure and lovely as east Asia, such as heavy bondage forged in the elegant contain warm girl — more like the wild and lively brave woman — butter kneaded into a ball, and then use peanuts fried.The Indian version of tangyuan, which is so red after being fried, is poetically named rose milk balls, a famous Indian dessert.Fried makes the cheese balls crisp, and soaked in sugar water makes them sweeter, which both adults and children love to eat.Although they were introduced in 2000 and can still be seen on the streets by street vendors, “proper” dumplings have long been the preserve of East Asia.Because it leads the fashion of tangyuan.Such as round, and as a mix of ice cream with the beverage’s Indian ancient north Korea, South Korea, “Fried glutinous rice dumplings string” – and sesame ice powder mixed with dumplings, how to eat, this is Vietnam, dumplings in east Asia is not only a mouth to eat snacks, but mouth, eye, heart to to taste its after years wind and cloud, moving the world easily when the flat, regardless of the hot and cold.Ok, that’s all about the story of tangyuan. If you have any questions or shares, please leave a message in the comment section. I wish all the netizens good luck and everything wins!1, Italy: honey dumplings happy and happy (China Taiwan network) 2, travel to India, see the local old man fried “dumplings”, people meng, after understand is misunderstood (sister cooking) 3, Chinese eat eggs and What is the difference between Europeans?How India’s ‘deep-fried pills’ became’ tangyuan ‘(Beiwanonline)