At the national level.Regiment 1 tourist block is included in this list!

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Culture and tourism, the National Development and Reform Commission recently announced officially announced a national tourism leisure block list of culture and tourism website screenshot released the 54 blocks in happiness consists of three blocks in shihezi city, xinjiang road pedestrian street among the xinjiang production and construction corps, the eighth division of shihezi happiness road pedestrian street of old street is located in shihezi city street road pedestrian street,Shihezi city is the commercial core area.Xingfu Road pedestrian Street is one of the earliest commercial streets in Shihezi city, carrying many good memories of shihezi people.After the transformation of the happiness road pedestrian street, fully embodies the characteristics of Shicheng and the style of the Corps, formed a unique strong military reclamation historical and cultural landscape of the commercial landscape block.In 2021, Shihezi will upgrade and transform the Xingfu Road pedestrian Street again, setting up a bright spot area such as net celebrity punch card, entertainment and performing arts, special food, flavor snacks, dessert and beverage, and boutique department stores.At the same time, the XPCC cultural memory wall, naked eye 3D interactive screen, and some creative sculptures, landscape sketches, interactive landscape and other devices are set up to increase the interest of the block.The theme of Xingfu Road Pedestrian Street West street is to restore the life scene block in the 1980s, and integrate the memory of “army Reclamation” into the commercial street.Interweaving nostalgic theme shops, reproducing the scenes of famous shops in Shihezi in the 1980s, as well as nostalgic theme scenes and nostalgic style wall painting, to help everyone understand the exclusive memory of Shihezi in the 1980s, increase the dissemination of military cultivation culture, so that shicheng culture is transmitted to every corner of the commercial street.