Yueqing enterprises in the Spring Festival start state is good, power big data so that the start of the “number” as proof

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The Spring Festival has passed, yueqing enterprises how to start?The big data of electric power provides the answer: Using the big data of electric power, the municipal Power Supply Bureau collected and analyzed the big data of electricity consumption of 7,854 high-voltage transformer enterprises in the whole city, which shows that the enterprises in the whole city and towns, streets and functional areas are in good working condition.Power big data monitoring.According to Huang Huihui, on the basis of comprehensive consideration of enterprise standard day electricity, statistical day electricity, industry characteristics and other factors, the city power Supply Bureau through the enterprise statistical day electricity consumption and historical baseline electricity consumption data comparison, calculate whether enterprises resume work, that is, resume rate;Based on the ratio of the daily power consumption of enterprises to the average daily power consumption in December last year, the recovery of enterprises’ capacity is calculated, that is, the recovery rate.Resume index R= (resume rate *0.5+ Resume rate *0.5) *100%.This year, Yueqing encourage foreign employees to stay happy New Year, support stable and orderly production of enterprises, strengthen the guarantee of production factors of enterprises, and launched 15 measures to “help enterprises get off to a good start”, since February 3, Yueqing enterprises have resumed work and production.As of February 8, the statistical resumption index R of The city was 29.63, up 3.85 from the previous day.The rate of resumption of work was 34.47, 4.09 higher than the previous day;Among them, the recovery rate was 24.79, 3.61 higher than the previous day.Customer manager of Yueqing Power Supply Company of State Grid visited Zhejiang Longguang Precision Technology Co., Ltd. after the holiday to meet the needs of enterprises for expansion and efficiency.Nan Ye Jian’s electric power big data monitoring can also see the resumption of work and production in different industries, industries and regions.According to the classification of functional areas of each township (street), the three areas with the highest enterprise resumption index during the Spring Festival are Lecheng Street (44.74), Nanyue Town (42.32) and Chengnan Street (35.92).According to the index analysis of 20 key industries, the resumption index of auto parts manufacturing (30.83) and electric motor manufacturing (26.21) was higher.Even the start of small and medium-sized enterprises, through electricity consumption data, also have a clear embodiment.Zhejiang Longguang Precision Technology Co., LTD., located in Yueqing Economic Development Zone, daily electricity consumption is not large, the rated power supply capacity is 630 kVA, with the expansion of the company’s business, the original capacity has been far from meeting the company’s production needs, we hope to expand the capacity to 2880 kVA.State Grid Yueqing Power Supply Company inspects electrical equipment in Yueqing Jiesheng Tools Co., LTD to ensure the safe use of electricity.Wu Baodi taken on February 8, help enterprise waiter told users, hurried to the field survey, immediately contact the electric department coordination, understand the demand of the enterprise, using the mobile terminal, field power supply scheme, response time, greatly shorten the power solutions provide convenience for the enterprise, enhance the electricity enterprises new experience.”The capacity is expanded, which means the production capacity is doubled.”Yueqing Power Supply Bureau staff introduction.It is worth mentioning that the electricity consumption of enterprises can also be a helper in epidemic prevention and control.The power resumption index can provide a complete, accurate and objective reflection of enterprises’ start up and production resumption. Government functional departments can accurately “picture” enterprises in the city, providing valuable data support and decision-making reference for epidemic prevention and control and resumption of work and production.