Test and analysis of the first single highest board pattern in the afternoon with super win rate

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Afternoon first only top board: afternoon seal board, belongs to the whole market only top board, and is the first time to become the only top board.Interpretation: 1, must be stable in the afternoon, high success rate.A lot of morning sealing plate, may hit the plate in the afternoon, sealing plate success rate is low.Because many of the early plate sealing is shrinkage acceleration, because the market is changeable, night long dream, especially the market environment is not good, at any time may be brought collapse risk, is likely to hit the board, but eat noodles on the day.Even if early plate shrinkage sealing board, the next day may not be high premium.2, afternoon sealing plate, generally after a full change of hands, super short the money has come out, and then plate sealing, high probability of sealing.3. If there are many tickets competing at the same time, seal the board in the morning, and if the board is smashed in the afternoon, it may be another ticket card.The market changes quickly, so, wait until the afternoon market certainty is higher.Must be the first time to become the top board of the market.The scarcity of bibcock always causes the pursuit of the market.The attention of leading players is far more than that of followers.The first time is also scarcity.5, not low suction, not halfway, can only confirm the board to buy.6, the day before the rematch should do a good plan, especially in the case of multi-vote competition, to pay attention to the linkage, who finally won the card will choose who.7. The essence of the first single highest board in the afternoon is the stock price band surge, still has the inertia of kinetic energy, and has high recognition, has scarcity, the market is highly concerned about, can win a short-term high premium.I. In the afternoon, the data of November 2021 to January 2022 in the sole highest board mode are tested back, and new shares, such as Sanyangma, Fujia, Zhenyang Development and Huasu, are not included in the calculation.1. Jixin Technology, 2021-11-2, 3 plates.The previous day three three board tickets all broken.Successful position, the afternoon seal plate to become the only highest board in the whole market.Since then out of the two trading, the last plate day high touch board.Mode to buy board, 3 days up more than 30%.In line with the pattern, the highest increase of 30%+2, Xiangshan Shares, 2021-11-5, huaya Intelligent has become the only highest board in the whole market, but it is compressed from 5 board to 4 board, and the uniqueness of the market only exists after Huaya Intelligent breaks the board.Because before the card, the money will be focused on the highest bid, so it will not be enough attention.So, market expectations are not high.Sure enough, the next day set bidding less than expected, bidding to buy, the opening is the highest all day, +3%.With the market there is another word plate nanling civil explosion.3, Nanling Civil Explosion, 2021-11-8, 5 continuous board, market only height board, one word, non afternoon.2021-11-12, word for word, failure.4, Huguang Stock, 2021-11-12, Nanling Civil Explosion in the morning plate break, Huguang stock closed in the afternoon, with a height of 6 boards to become the highest board in the whole market.After two days, a limit, a touch plate after the plate.The maximum increase exceeds 20%+.5, Baoying Stock, 2021-11-16, early trading limit, the market became the highest board that day, the height of the market from 7 board compression to 4 board.2021-11-17 afternoon touch board, but not the first time to become the market’s only highest board, not in line with the pattern.Rong Tai Stock, 2021-11-17, 4 consecutive boards, market highest board, afternoon.Does not fit the pattern.2021-11-18 afternoon touch board, but not for the first time, break board that day.Jiuan Medical, 2021-11-19, 5 consecutive board, market highest board, afternoon.Does not fit the pattern.New shares, not included in the statistical scope.8. Yingluo Hua, 2021-11-26, 4 straight plate, Jiuan Medical 9-10 break plate, first only highest plate, non-afternoon.After a trading, a day rushed high plate.9, SONY Financial, 2021-11-30, 5 consecutive board, first only highest board, afternoon.The next day after punching high fracture plate.Zhongrui Stock, 2021-12-1, 4 consecutive board, first only highest board, non afternoon.A word.A limit, a touch plate after the plate.Wanli Stock, 2021-12-3, 5 consecutive board, the only highest board in the afternoon.After that, a limit, a touch plate after the plate.Two days of up to 20%+.Capital Stock, 2021-12-7, 5 consecutive board, afternoon only highest board.Since then went two trading, a touch plate after the plate.The highest increase of over 30%+.13, Xiyi Stock, 2021-12-15, 8 consecutive board, market only highest board, non afternoon.A word.Go all the way to 13 after the plate break.14, Renzhi Stock, 2021-12-23, 9 consecutive board, market only highest board, non afternoon.15, Yanhua Intelligent, 2021-12-24, 6 consecutive board, afternoon only highest board.The next day rally bidding fell short of expectations.The maximum premium is 5%.16, Longjin Pharmaceutical, 2021-12-27, 4 consecutive board, one word board, market top board, afternoon.Gu Di Technology, 2021-1-7, 7 Continuous board, one word board, market highest board, non afternoon.18, Kaikai Industry, 2021-1-7, Gu Di Technology word board 7 consecutive boards, no change of hands, the market can not participate in.The only high standard with market participation is to open industry, weak to strong, earth and sky board, the market can participate in the afternoon only highest board.After that, come out 3 boards, the last day touch board after the broken board.The highest increase of more than 40% in 4 days.19, Ceron Pharmaceutical, 2022-1-14, market only highest board, non afternoon.Deris, 2022-1-19, afternoon only top board.Daily limit the next day.The next day it rose by the daily limit of 10 per cent.Jincai Internet, 2022-1-21, the only highest board in the afternoon.The next day high touch plate, the highest premium of 10%.Anne Shares, 2022-1-25, market only highest board, non afternoon.The next day the floor, after 2 fell limit.1. Back test period is 3 months, from November 2021 to January 2022.2. The only highest board in the market (excluding new shares), from November to January, 22 in total.3. There are 9 tickets that fit the pattern of the first afternoon only top board.4. Premium after successful cases:(1) Jixin Technology, 2021-11-2, up to 30% premium after the board (2) Xiangshan Shares, 2021-11-5, up to 3% premium after the board (3) Huguang Shares, 2021-11-12, up to 20% premium after the board (4) Wanli Shares, 2021-12-3, up to 20% premium after the board (5) Beijing Shares,2021-12-7, up to 30% premium after playing (6) Yanhua Intelligent, 2021-12-24, up to 5% premium after playing (7) Kaikai Industrial, 2022-1-7, up to 40% premium after playing (8) Deli, 2022-1-19, up to 10% premium after playing (9) Jincai Internet, 2022-1-21,5. The first time in the afternoon, the highest board was sealed successfully, and the next day all gave the opportunity of positive premium!6. Because of uniqueness, all tickets have no overlapping dates.6. The sum of the highest premium for 9 votes =168%.7. 9 votes compound =345% 3. Survivor bias Whether there is survivor bias problem, is the rest is good, get a positive premium.The failure did not become the only top board included in the calculation.After checking all the tickets that the day before was second high board and failed in the competition the next day, there was only one match for the fried board after the afternoon board, which was 2021-11-5 Hua Ya intelligence.On that day, two votes competed, Huaya Intelligent and Xiangshan Stock, both votes were quite close. If the final result had been compared at that time, neither of them might have participated in the competition, but improved the winning rate.All other tickets are afternoon trading time.It can be concluded that in the past three months, for the first time in the afternoon, 9 out of 10 tickets became the highest in the market, a seal rate of 90%, and 100% of the tickets closed gave the opportunity for a positive premium the next day.Compound, 3 months, 9 votes, maximum 345% premium return.Four, failure case Hua Ya intelligent, 2021-11-5, 5 board, in the afternoon back to seal after frying board.The lowest drop of the next day from the previous day to buy the board down to -12%.It fits the pattern, but it doesn’t seal, and the pattern doesn’t hold.But there are also midday plate sealing plate when involved in the situation of the plate.Five, operation enlightenment and significance 1, must be the highest market board.2, must seal the plate in the afternoon.3. Must be the only top board.Must be a board to buy, not low suction, not halfway.As long as sealed, the next day has a positive premium.The essence of the ultra-high identification of stocks continued to rise.6, afternoon only the highest board operation frequency is less, the cycle is long.It happens an average of three times a month.The market is very recognizable high bid, must be the target of the daily review.This mode is like sniper fire, do not need to frequent attacks, a strike on, and is a high premium.There is no big problem to buy, because it is back in the afternoon, there is little to buy the phenomenon.The core of improving revenue is selling points.Of course, they can’t all sell at the highest premium.But if the selling points are all at half of the top premium, the combined premium is 120% (compounded).