Suzhou, Gansu province: Fuhu Spring jasmine steamed buns “steamed” taste of happiness

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In Zongzhai Town, Suzhou District, Jiuquan City, Gansu Province, there is a humble bun shop known to the local people. Its name is xin Huajuan.”My daughter my wife and I three names each take a word is the name of the store……”Owner Xie Jianghua is an experienced artist who has been learning to make steamed buns for nearly 20 years. He likes painting since childhood and has developed a strong interest in the making process of steamed buns since learning to make pasta.Every morning before dawn, Xie Jianghua and his wife Zhang Lijuan start a busy day.Mix the dough, raise the dough, knead the shape, fry it in the oil…Through a series of smooth and smooth operations, the smooth and white dough is “shaped” into various delicate shapes.When the family prepared the steamed buns to sell for the day, it was already dawn. At this time, their business had just started. From time to time, customers would come to buy the steamed buns.In addition to eating the steamed buns, they are also gifts for relatives and friends during the Spring Festival. After the guests leave, they race against time to pack the steamed gift boxes.The year before was the busiest time of the year, and some customers would drive up to fill up and go back.Studious and skillful, Xie Jianghua and his wife create unique flower-shaped buns and bow-knot buns with delicate shapes and tender taste.They also improved the shape and filling of traditional baked shell, and baked the shell of “small steamed bun” with multiple flavors such as bean paste filling and red date filling with originality. The ordinary steamed bun in our concept also blossomed into the beauty of flowers blooming together.In addition to baked bun, hua mo is Xie Jianghua’s unique skills.Before the Spring Festival, he also made flower momos, a symbol of good luck and peace. There are innocent and lovely Xi Lion with his tongue out, and all kinds of little tigers set off against the “Year of the Tiger”, which make people dizzying and eye-opening.A charmless happy lion to use several colors of dough, respectively knead different parts, and then use a knife, scissors and other tools fine grinding, a part is not kneaded will knead it again into the dough “remanufacturing”, cycle back and forth, the simplest steamed buns also to make hours.Xi is a great wads of red lion head, with Xie Jianghua carefully, ear, mane, eyes, nose, tongue, each forming, and then stick up one by one, a little of the exultation of lion be vividly portrayed, the tiger flower bun knead the same heavy and complicated, although it is a bit simple, but the detail place full of exquisite beard, forehead, decorative pattern,Gave the tiger the life of a child.Fu Tiger welcome spring, Xi Shi He Ji.The steamed bun is small, but replaces the feeling of homesickness, with the meaning of reunion.Pasta is the northern people’s traditional regional food, the pattern of steamed bun is the crystallization of longyuan people’s wisdom and skillful hands, no matter the family reunion, or far away from home, a mouthful of steamed bun taste the taste of home, evoke the deep feelings of the common, unforgettable, also let people feel at ease, “year steamed bun” is the most moving appearance of Suzhou year!Photo by Gansu Bureau of China Daily. [Photo/