“Old Po oil dunzi” in April last year has been closed, grandpa responded: old Po died before the debt has been basically paid off

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In May 2020, an old woman said to the camera: In another year, we will almost be able to pay off the debt.In February 2022, old woman’s wife told reporters on the phone: in April 2021 old woman’s body can not bear, oil dunzi shop does not open.Fortunately, the debt has already been paid off.Yidunzi old woman died, a large number of citizens net friends feeling nostalgic yesterday afternoon, # Shanghai for the son of the death of yidunzi old woman died # of the city hot search list one.After a few years, in order to pay for his son’s debt, from the age of 72 to sell 10 years of oil pier to make money old woman Hu Zhaocui, in such a way back to the sight of people.Comments on Weibo, China’s twitter-like social media platform, were flooded with messages saying goodbye.Have sigh with emotion old woman finally can relax down to rest a rest, also have regret no longer eat old woman personally do of oil pier.For many Shanghainese, Youdunzi has always carried a thick childhood filter.Childhood memory, and small friends around uncle aunt’s big oil pot, watching them do oil pier itself is a very happy thing.In the special oval spoon in turn on the batter, radish, slightly finishing and then cover a spoonful of batter, put into the oil pot after the “Zi la” a hot pot, golden crisp, bite down full of flavor.If you have enough pocket money, you can eat it with two pieces of stinky tofu or a fried ham sausage dipped in sweet bean sauce and spicy sauce. You are definitely a big family at the school gate after school.Unfortunately, authentic youdunzi are hard to find on the streets of Shanghai, along with other longtang delicacies such as rice cakes, qiang cakes, green onion cakes and tiger feet.Many netizens in the blogger combed the “old Shanghai Youdunzi map” under the message, feeling that there is a story, there is a memory of the youdunzi shop and a little.There are also citizens after seeing the news, to the old woman once set up shop on the bureau door road memory, found that the original oil dunzi shop has been changed into shandong miscellaneous grain pancake shop.Bearing the load of old woman glory and dream “career of oily dunzi” draw finally went up a full stop, left a paragraph of story legend that makes a person SOB in Shanghai street only.Old woman’s wife He Ronghua: go before the debt has basically paid off old woman’s wife He Ronghua this year has been more than 90 years old, from old woman began to put oil pier stand up, he has been accompanied by the side, to help bag money.After she left, he now lives alone in a cubicle in the old nine-square-meter janitor’s office.The reporter moved to contact where the old gentleman, through the phone to understand some old woman before.Reporter: old woman’s body when start bad?He old gentleman: actually not very good all the time, lumbago what also loathe to spend money to see a doctor, be to take a disease to do oily dunzi all the time.Then it was too much for me, so I closed the shop.He spent two months in hospital and passed away on February 8th.Reporter: old woman’s oily dunzi shop opened when?Will you open a shop again in the future?Mr. He: opened to the middle of April last year, do not move to do.No one’s here anymore. I’m not gonna do it anymore.Reporter: old woman before one’s death heart and soul want to pay off debt, how now?Mr. He: Basically.We were thinking about finding a place to retire when we were done, and now we’re not.Originally wanted to pay off the debt after the train, the “Beijing dream” is difficult to end the year of seventy years but failed to enjoy the happiness of peace and security in old age, but in the previous relevant interview reports, a Po will always mention her future “formal retirement” after a “Beijing dream”.”Youdunzi Old lady” frequently appeared in news reports and we-media videos, mainly between 2018 and 2020.At first, it was foodie friends who found authentic youdunzi, which were hard to find in the streets of Shanghai.Then unexpectedly found that guarding in front of the frying pan is an old man nearly 80 years old.Careful inquiry under just learned that the old man is to repay debts for his son, in their own retirement wages, go out stalls, shop, sell oil pier.From 2 PM to 6 PM, rain or shine, all year round.For the Shanghai street add a fireworks atmosphere full of warm heart shop, also staged a segment of the heart of the street food story.In different scenes, the old woman is mostly smiling.Riding a battery car to buy uncle is 5, she earnestly leisurely to turn over the oil bucket in the oil pan: “don’t worry oh, I move slowly.”Young people without cash are trying to transfer money.Old woman also smiling: “yao have change, yao have to cut (eat).”There was a young blogger who applied for a day’s work and couldn’t even hold the radish in a pot.Old woman smiled shake hand say or oneself come, hold up big washbasin up and down up and down.The girl used polaroid to take a photo of the old woman, said it was like a photo of her grandmother.Old woman still connect words, your grandma do oil pier son say go out much collapse stage.Think about it and say, if they really have such a granddaughter that would be very happy.It was only when she mentioned paying off her son’s debts that she revealed her loneliness: no one wanted to work as a nanny when she was older, so she had to work as an oil mop when she couldn’t find a job. The money she owed always had to be paid back.It is said that the son of an old woman failed to start a factory and owed foreign debt.For their children, the old man lost his house is not enough, although there is a retirement salary, old woman or decided to come out to make money stall.Occasionally customers come from afar, buy 10 oil pier dropped 2000 dollars, tried twice, the old woman is determined not to accept.She will pay off her debt slowly, on her own.Five and ten from the cookie box ended up in the dense numbers on the ledger.In May 2020, she said she would be almost done with just one more year.She’ll stop working and want to visit Beijing.At her age, she’s never even been on a train, let alone a plane.Maybe in the end, she didn’t realize her Beijing dream.