Listen to the voice of the World “original author” Li Wei

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There are many kinds of sounds in the world, such as the sounds of birds, flowers and all living things, the sounds of mountains and mountains, the sounds of rivers and rivers rushing about, the sounds of the sun and the moon, etc., constitute the sounds of the world.Listening to the sound of the world, sinking into it, like the sounds of nature, will give warmth to the soul, can also wash the soul, let the soul become pure, rich up.Listen to the stream singing songs, such as sobbing, music curl.Listen to the swallows chirping, you know spring is coming, willow green.Listen to the moo of cattle and sheep, you can smell the fragrance of grass.Listening to the children’s laughter, you can know that the country is strong, the people are healthy and happy. At the same time, you can also hear the laughter of the elderly from the streets.Listen to the sound of the world, but also need to listen to the sound of your own heart, it should be a blend of all the beautiful sounds of the world, listening to it to calm the mind, as if into a higher world.Listen to your voice, to be in a quiet environment, quiet can make him more real hear his inner voice, it should be filled with flowers, also should wreathe guqin rock tone Orchid, boundless white, nourish the soul.I should also integrate my own voice into the sound of the world, and infiltrate my own hardness and softness into the big chords of the world sound. Though small, I have my own weak but not small voice in the big sound of the world after all.If human beings destroy the sound of the world, then you will hear noise, disturb the mood, pollution of the mind, to their own hearing, mind will cause a kind of harm.Only when the human voice is highly integrated and coordinated with the sound of all things in nature, can the sound of the world be pleasing to the ear. The mind is highly compatible with the god of nature, free and easy, and the coexistence and prosperity of man and nature are very beautiful and delicious.Quiet I abandoned all disturbing on the common world, in listening to the beautiful voice of the world, so that he entered the realm of a detached matter.Listen to the world and the world listens to me.