It is clearly a palace drama, the audience was actually song Zuer’s tears broken defense, she will cry too

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Dressed up: The Legend of Zhen Huan in the workplace.Each episode is either infighting or fighting, and each episode is better than the last.Of course, the show has also lived up to expectations and is sure to hog several hot searches every time it premieres.Such as song Jia and Yuan Yongyi two editors of workplace slang, Song Zuer workplace small transparent intern survival, and office infighting and so on…In a word, Dressed-up has everything you can imagine about workplace realities and relationships.But more than the intricacies of infighting and the workplace, it’s Song’s crying scenes that break audiences’ defenses.In “Dressed up,” Song played an underwhelming intern: Li Na.In the show, she’s the bottom of the food chain, awkward as a rookie, ostracized by colleagues in the office, and just plain cute and miserable.Song’s first crying scene in “Dressed up” was opposite Lin Yongjian, who played a western restaurant owner.Lao Yang, the owner of the western restaurant, is not related to Li Na, but the appearance of Lao Yang makes up for li Na’s imperfect paternal feelings.Especially when the old see Li Na is about to enter the new unit, the earnest old father of Li Na repeatedly told workplace rules, Li Na is not a line…Li lowered her head and tried to hold back her tears, but her heart and eyes were full of gratitude for her aging, completely taking the audience into Li’s mood.Especially in the end the old decadent took out a stack of money to save Li Na’s plight, Li Na was completely stretched, holding the old decadent cry.Song Zu ‘er took a young girl’s emotions very well. He wanted to tell people that he was doing well, but he was moved when he saw them.And finally, it’s just an overwhelming outpouring of emotion.Here Song Zuer does not have a line, and Lin Yongjian that kind of slowly slow lines and song Zuer’s mood formed an emotional echo.Is this the game of legend?Sure enough, one will play, one will cry, the two actors’ counterplay is really completely untenable.This part is really good cry, bullet screen is all: this part of the play is absolutely.In addition to this one, there are Li Na and CAI Fei crying scene is also very great.Because of the harassment in the workplace, CAI Fei has psychological shadow and trauma. She lives in a panic every day, even when she has nightmares at night, she will dream of scenes that make her afraid.But Li na’s presence is like CAI Fei’s light, the kind that will pull her out of the darkness.In her moments of self-doubt, Li would softly reassure Tsai, who said fear would chase her from day to night.Li na gently but strongly replied: Then we run ah, I run with you.Say that finish, song Zuer’s a drop of tears just precisely hit the audience’s emotional point.The lines are softly spoken and sonorous.Her firm and gentle eyes filled people with trust. In the end, she gently held Chua Fei in her arms and patted her on the back to release her emotions, which made the scene full of tension.Song zuer handled Li Na’s small transparent big strong feeling very well, is to mobilize the emotion of the handle.There is no need for the ups and downs of joy and sorrow, but the silent expression of emotion can make the audience feel the role is not easy.That is to say, Song Zu ‘er’s tears are weapons of great destruction!