“Ice pier pier concept stocks” trading limit

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February 7, the first trading day of the year of the Tiger, “Ice Dun Dun concept shares” Beijing Yuanlong Yatu Cultural Communication Co., LTD. (Yuanlong Yatu, 002878) a word daily limit, at 20.33 yuan.Yuanlong Yatu is the licensed retailer and manufacturer of Beijing 2022 Winter Olympic Games. It is one of only three licensed product categories, including plush toys, and the only listed company.With the development of the Winter Olympic Games, the mascot of the Winter Olympic Games, Bing Dwen dwen, many peripheral products almost “second empty”, can be described as “a trick hard to find”.Some investors in the Shenzhen Stock Exchange interactive platform to ask Yuan-long Yatu said: “May I ask the company to produce what ice dun dun products?How is the inventory situation when there is a general shortage of goods?”On February 7, Yamatu Yuanlong replied that the most popular licensed products for the Winter Olympics currently on the market include Bingdwen Dwen (Snow Rong-rong) plush toys, figurines, buckles, crystal balls,And bingdun dun blind box, badges (mascot sports modeling series, countdown series, folk series), precious metals (opening ceremony countdown gold and silver bars, etc.) and other seven series are designed, produced and sold by the company.In view of the above winter Olympics licensed goods are popular among consumers recently, the company has organized its employees and factories to start production in full operation, fully coordinated capacity allocation, guaranteed the supply of winter Olympics licensed goods, and tried its best to meet the needs of consumers.Before bingdun dun rush, Yuenlong Yatu has some winter Olympics concession souvenirs appear out of stock.Yuan-long Yatu in late January had said that some popular products have been temporarily out of stock phenomenon.With the approaching of the Winter Olympics, the company is actively strengthening the preparation of goods by strengthening the coordination of production capacity allocation and planning the preparation of goods in advance, to ensure the timely and stable supply of licensed products before the opening of the Winter Olympics and during the games.Yamato also revealed that the company has submitted more than 600 independently designed winter Olympics souvenirs to the Organizing committee.Notable is, for the recent hot yuan universe concept, YuanLong acto has said the yuan universe is an important development direction, the company’s future and the development of the digital economy new form, contains the change of the marketing service scenario opportunity, at the same time the company will pay close attention to science and technology application in the yuan to the universe and its derived broad commercial potential,Combined with the company’s business, market demand and industry trend, the company is currently in the research and development stage of the meta-universe. Investors are requested to pay attention to investment risks.In addition, The company said that it is applying for the registration of several trademarks related to the universe and that its intellectual property rights have been approved by the State Intellectual Property Office and are in the process of legal review.Tianyan inspection shows that Yuanlong Yatu has applied for a number of trademarks related to the meta-universe, such as Interactive universe, Long Universe, Pinuniverse, UOVA universe, etc., and the status of the trademarks shows that they are awaiting substantive examination.Yuanlong Yatu 2021 quarterly report shows that the company’s main revenue of 1.491 billion yuan, up 7.5% year on year;The net profit of the mother was 81.432,400 yuan, down 30.83% year on year;Non-deduction net profit of 67.8549 million yuan, down 40.08% year on year.Source: Thepaper.cn