Fuyang Yinhu Street with “village sound” remote send the best wishes

2022-04-26 0 By

The Spring Festival, the year of the Tiger, is a time for family reunions. However, due to the epidemic prevention and control, many people have to be quarantined in other places. Some of them are quarantined people, and some of them are staff at quarantine sites.In order to let them feel the strong feelings and warmth of the village, on the occasion of the Lantern Festival, Fuyang District Yinhu street prepared a special Lantern Festival activities for them, to send the deepest wishes to the “village sound”, invited quarantines and staff together to go to the clouds, listen to the village sound, taste the village taste, a total of homesickness.Tea ceremony show, costume runway show, magic show, dance, sketch…Create a lively atmosphere for the Lantern Festival, and online guess riddles and other interactive activities, so that although in a foreign land, a solitary fuyang family “cloud” together.