“Finally I don’t have to cook New Year’s Eve dinner for 23 members of my husband’s family.” His ex-wife’s circle of friends hurt the man’s heart

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Probably in most people’s impression, Chinese New Year is a very happy thing.This is also a good memory of many of my friends. When I was young, I had lucky money to get, new clothes to wear, fireworks and firecrackers, delicious food and fun to eat every day, and I could spend the night at friends’ houses without scruples, or even play games all night.The family gathered together, a year between laughter so quietly in the past.For children often have not played enough to the school day, but also immersed in the happy New Year when the heart began to look forward to the arrival of the next year.Chinese New Year is just a carnival for children. For adults, especially women who have a family, it may be a torment or even a disaster.If you do it well, the bearded sister-in-law at home will not appreciate it but think it is what you should do;But in case do bad, can get husband and mother-in-law silent abuse and blame instead.Every time the Spring Festival approaches, the couple will fight because they can’t go back to the husband’s house for the New Year, and finally make very unhappy.Below I had forced her into a woman’s sad story for you 1. People were good by others, all the good will not necessarily rewarded jean was a very honest and wonderful woman, when she was a girl, is a hard-working person, help mother cook, tidy up the housework, do good, often so good girls won’t meet a good mother-in-law.Jas harp one for love far away to the other place, the husband family conditions, but in the local economy, still can be enough to buy a house in the county, but due to the husband that place of the older generation feudal ideas, coupled with the husband and only child after getting married, so, the mother-in-law is not the idea of living separately, coupled with the husband’s family’s house is very big,So the couple naturally moved in with her in-laws after marriage.Since the door after the first day, when the mother-in-law shook hands shopkeeper, no longer tube home affairs.Yaqin takes care of all the matters in the family. She has all the power to clean the house and eat and drink for the family of four.The mother-in-law did not directly tell Yaqin to do this, but on the first day of marriage, she started to do nothing.When it was time for dinner, he and his father-in-law would go out for a walk, and when the meal was ready, they would come back on time. Such an obvious hint made smart Yaqin naturally understand the meaning of her mother-in-law.Since the mother-in-law intends to give her full power to the burden of the home, Yaqin also obedient to take over, said not happy is impossible, after all, just married, the mother-in-law will start to let him do this dry that, on who can be happy?Yaqin is naturally the same way, but he has been influenced by family education since childhood, so that she did not dare to resist, can only bear silently.In her fixed mind, she thinks that a woman has a woman’s life, not in her own hands, a woman meets a good mother-in-law, her husband’s family treats you well, that is your blessing, but if you do not treat you well, and can not turn around and divorce, life is still to be lived.She never know the fight for more rights for yourself, there have been no public she thought her mother-in-law run already very is a good thing, of the harp, the idea has a lot to do with her mother, her mother is a woman of resignation, her aunt all are not good, and his grandmother never take his mother as his family, he was used to the life of the mother,Timid, timid, timid, and willing to compromise in exchange for family peace.Sometimes she thought her mother’s life was miserable, but as she grew older, she began to live like her mother, and she did not even know it.In Yaqin’s heart, he still felt that as long as the man loved her, as long as the man also valued her enough, the two people could be in harmony and live steadily, even if they suffered a little grievance.However, he gradually realized that a distant marriage is really an act without future security. She has no family to back her, and her cowardly character makes her suffer a great disadvantage alone in her in-laws’ family.Her parents-in-law saw that she was always silent and did everything she asked very well. They began to feel that she was honest and easy to bully. They disrespected her more and more and looked down upon him more and more.The kinder Yaqin is, the easier her in-laws think she is to bully. Yaqin’s honest in-laws think she is stupid.In the face of her in-laws’ attitude, Yaqin still kept silent and did what she should do in silence. Her sister-in-law and big Beard often went home for dinner. Yaqin was busy in the kitchen alone for most of the day, and the family had already eaten before she was served.When she is busy in the kitchen, she comes out to have a meal.After the meal, and the men went out to play mahjong, and sister in law and XiaoGuZi holding her mother-in-law went back to home to chat, side upon the melon seeds, while talking and laughing, only one piano tidying, wash bowl cleaning, this sort of thing once two times forget it, the key is frequent, jean also has been complaining to the husband, and the husband replied daughter-in-law who let you be home?If you don’t do it.Yaqin also did not expect the sisters to praise themselves, but every time after eating and drinking enough to pick their own thorn, not to say that the food is salty is weak and tasteless, but also praise the mother-in-law to do delicious, let her learn more like the mother-in-law, the mother-in-law does not say good nor speak, but the words in the words and some sarcastic meaning.Says she’s young enough to catch up with her in a couple of decades.The husband sat listening to his sisters sarcasm his wife, gas is also silent, but also with the peripheral vision to tell Yaqin lost the dead.Yaqin, unable to speak, moved her lips and said nothing at all.For Yaqin, this is a good situation because she has to work, and after all, she doesn’t see her in-laws and her sisters-in-law all day.But The real bad day for Yaqin is the Spring Festival.During the festival, the sister in law with her husband, children and extended/priest, they all want to visit the old man with adult child a total of 23 people, harp, began to prepare for several days in advance, have been busy at noon on the day of the Spring Festival to complete, such as relatives to eat rice, brought out New Year’s money, jean to spare a little time to pull the two wildly,After filling my stomach, I clean up by myself.Husband’s family the elegant piano as the hermes, of the harp, the husband of her attitude is becoming more and more bad, YaoWuHeLiu to her every day, like a big ye, the worst thing is the husband treated her as the private goods, limiting her freedom, married for 5 years, jean didn’t come back a new home, husband and mother-in-law doesn’t let her go home,The reason given was that a married daughter should spend the Spring Festival at her husband’s house.Their reason for not wanting Her to go home was simple: once she returned to her parents’ home, there would be one less person to cook for her.But for Yachen, who failed to fulfill her filial duty as a daughter, the wish to return to her parents’ home once a year became a luxury.So she decided not to remain silent.3 years of endurance finally broke out years ago Yaqin and parents through the phone, from their mouth that parents recently health is not very good, she was worried, so she did not ask her husband agreed to buy a train ticket, the result was found by her husband, the husband not only hit her, but also tore up the train ticket.In the mouth also curse said :” Soon the New Year you go home so a big family who will take care of, my mother is so old, she is busy.You’re leaving without even telling me. Do you call this home your own?Don’t go.””I’m only going back once this year,” she pleaded. “My parents are ill. I have to go back to see them.The husband didn’t pay any attention and put down the harsh words, “If you dare to step out of this door, I will divorce you.”My husband had just taken divorce to scare Yaqin, because he was sure that Yaqin did not dare, no one thought yaqin silent for a while and agreed.”Leave now,” she said.The husband thought yaqin in exclaim him, did not expect his attitude so determined, took out the divorce agreement, let him sign the word.From the civil affairs bureau out of the moment, Ya Qin de face filled with a happy smile, immediately to the railway station to deal with the make-up ticket procedures, set foot on the journey home.On the train, Yaqin posted a message on her wechat moments :” I used to be afraid of Chinese New Year, but this year I am. I got divorced, and for the first time I feel so relaxed that I don’t have to cook New Year’s Eve dinner for my 23 in-laws.”Yaqin left in a hurry and did not have time to delete her ex-husband’s wechat. This friend circle was seen by her ex-husband, and the former husband saw his ex-wife’s friend circle and felt deeply hurt as a man’s heart.He began to regret what he had done, and he tried to undo it but Achin never gave him a chance.In fact, most of us know a truth: we do not cherish when we get it, and when we lose it, we find that there is no way to recover.Time passes, no one will stay where you are.If there is a woman who is willing to do laundry and cook for you, please treat her kindly. Most of the people who live hard are women, and their hard work is not for granted. Even if you can’t help her, please give her a hug and a thank you is enough.Today’s topic: as a girl you will choose to marry far away?Welcome to leave your comments in the comments section. 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