County party committee standing committee, executive deputy county magistrate Zhu Jiabo inspection my county key project construction

2022-04-26 0 By

In order to promote the construction of high quality development of key projects in our county, on the evening of March 15, Zhu Jiabo, a member of the standing Committee of the County Party Committee and executive deputy head of the county, led relevant department heads, has come to Ruifeng 100 thousand tons of anode material project, aluminum phase ii, yuncang No. 2 project construction line, field research.Deputy county magistrate Lou Gao, county leader Liu Wei participated in the activity.Along the way, Zhu Jiabo carefully communicated with the project leader about project promotion, product production and other situations, and told the project construction to implement the main responsibility, the safety production construction throughout the whole process;To arrange the construction period, in order to ensure construction safety and construction quality under the premise of completion and delivery.