Blow the key assembly call pengzhou deployment “project key” “investment” two major battle

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On February 8, the day after the Spring Festival go to work, pengzhou held 2022 crucial great battle for major projects and investment promotion action will mobilize the deployment, exchanging and crucial great battle of major projects in 2022, China merchants work conference, action arrangement, blowing “crucial” of “major projects”, “merchants” exchanging “assembly”,Strive to walk in the forefront of the “two major battle”, make an example, to achieve a “good start” and “red year”.It is reported that in the past year, in the face of the dual challenges of COVID-19 and historical changes unseen in a century, Pengzhou took striving to become one of the top 100 counties in China as the starting point, the main economic indicators of the city rose rapidly, the GDP of the region successfully exceeded 60 billion yuan, and the 24 indicators of the top 100 counties in China improved comprehensively.In accordance with the overall requirements of the CPC Central Committee, the Provincial Party Committee and the Chengdu Municipal Party Committee for economic work of “seeking progress while maintaining stability”, Pengzhou city has set the theme of 2022 as “Attracting and promoting construction of Major projects”, striving to achieve the planned GDP growth target of 8% and the target of 10%.The fixed asset investment plan targets an increase of 10% and the target of 12%.Around this goal, the main responsible comrades of the industrial functional areas, related industries and security departments made a statement, and the Municipal Development and Reform Bureau and the Municipal Investment promotion Foreign Affairs Bureau adopted the task book on the spot.In order to fully implement the construction of the National Chengdu-Chongqing Twin Cities Economic circle and major decisions and deployments of Chengdu on major projects, Pengzhou will focus on major industrial projects, major infrastructure and major public service facilities in 2022.We will organize major projects to attract reserves, start work on the ground, speed up construction, and complete and put into operation. We will ensure that total fixed asset investment remains high and stable, that the investment structure is significantly improved, and that private investment accounts for over 50% of fixed asset investment in a sustained and stable manner.Tianfu Traditional Chinese Medicine City and New material Industry Function zone have the average per-mu income and per-mu tax revenue of industrial enterprises above 5.7 million yuan and 250,000 yuan respectively. The investment of major industrialization projects has been more than 15 billion yuan, laying a solid foundation for building a new highland of high-quality development in the northern part of Chengdu metropolitan circle.By 2025, we will continue to improve the industrial structure, promote high-quality economic and social development through key projects, improve the industrial support system and basic functions, and enhance core functions, and successfully achieve green industrial transformation.The city to keep the average annual growth of more than 10% of investment in fixed assets, fixed assets investment proportion of investment in industry, industrial added value proportion of GDP in steady stay above 40%, 50%, tianfu city of traditional Chinese medicine and new materials industry ribbon industry function zone rules on industrial enterprises, per acre per acre income tax reached 6.5 million yuan and 300000 yuan of above.More than 40 new projects signed over 100 million yuan each year are closely related to the requirements of high-quality development. In 2022, Pengzhou city will also launch the action of promoting investment and investment and optimizing the business environment. It will vigorously promote the construction of industrial circle and strong chain, accelerate the promotion of advanced industrial foundation and modernization of industrial chain with the focus on attracting large and strong enterprises and attracting talents.According to the action deployment, In 2022, Pengzhou will aim at the key industrial chain and obtain no less than 200 items of information of reserve projects, including no less than 60 items of information of major projects and high-level projects.Focus on major projects in line with the industry development orientation, pengzhou, strong chain chain and core supporting projects, new signing introducing project not less than 40, one hundred million yuan of above 10 major projects and the high level of these projects, including 30-5 billion yuan of the advanced manufacturing project 2, 5 billion yuan or more advanced manufacturing project, modern service industry more than 3 billion yuan each one,1 headquarter project, strive to make a breakthrough in the advanced manufacturing project of 10 billion level;At the same time, a comprehensive overview of regional investment resources, packaging and planning of a number of attractive industrial chain strong and complementary chain projects, highlighting key industries, carriers and cities, planning and carrying out no less than 25 investment promotion activities, and releasing no less than 100 investment “opportunity lists”.It is reported, in view of the investment promotion conference, the objectives, pengzhou will around the leading industry, to form a new material, green low carbon, tourism, innovative medicine and high-end medical equipment and so on eight special industrial investment team, and establish a supervision mechanism, investment promotion conference, major projects, tackling tough problems require the evaluated integratedly, functional areas and departments are the two great battle as a “head” project to promote,Weekly dispatch report, monthly report of work progress and assessment ranking, concentrate on turning more “battle maps” and “construction maps” into “real maps” of the high-quality economic and social development of Pengzhou, and accelerate the formation of a good situation of “all forces focus on the project, all forces focus on the project”.