Article and friends explosion big layoffs: catering super net red people also escape “radical expansion” misstep fate?

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Article | professional catering network cheng “layoffs” march red and spread to the catering super net friend!Yesterday (February 16), wenheyou was suddenly exposed to a large number of layoffs, the number of departments have been cut more than 60%;This comes shortly after heytea was also reported to have laid off 30 percent of its staff, with some departments being laid off entirely.Most of the redundancies were in “expansion” divisions, according to meal watchers.These catering top flow “downsizing”, is to the catering industry to release a new signal: even to the popularity of popular, capital has capital top flow, is also suffering from the pain of blind expansion, began to stop the “radical” development.And their missteps also once again verify a truth: every enterprise will encounter expansion and decision-making mistakes, further, half step back, this may be most of the food enterprise expansion rhythm and fate.Super network red catering brands have been exposed to big layoffs!Wen Heyou, an online celebrity catering company once known as “the world’s first queue”, received two rounds of financing from Sequoia China Fund, IDG and Warburg Pincus last year, with a valuation of more than 10 billion yuan.As the head brand of new tea drinks, Xi Cha just raised more than 3 billion yuan six months ago, with a valuation of more than 60 billion yuan.Both are superbrands in the restaurant industry, unrivaled in their respective fields, yet just after the end of the year, they have been exposed as big job cuts.1, exposed to layoffs, Wen Heyou responded: because some projects are not done yesterday, a number of employees broke the news that Wen Heyou was suddenly revealed to have started a round of large-scale layoffs before the year, some departments were laid off more than 60%;After the year, a new round of layoffs continues.The employees, most of whom started their jobs after July 2021, are mainly involved in the immersive theater project wenheyou Changsha is planning to launch and the Nanjing Wenheyou Project.In addition to the layoffs, the employees also said that wen and friends of the existence of wage skimping.That is, the monthly salary of wenheyou employees will not be paid in full, among which 10% of the performance salary will be paid at the end of the year as a lump sum bonus.In 2021, there will be no year-end bonus.In response, Feng Bin, CEO of Wenheyou, said there were no layoffs.The layoffs involved dozens of people, out of the company’s current workforce of thousands, and were not considered “mass layoffs.”The reason is that some projects will not be done, and the New Year will be fine-tuned.Additional projects are also in the process of recruitment.On February 9, Xi Tea was revealed to have large-scale layoffs. The layoffs had already started before the New Year, and there will be another part of layoffs after the New Year, involving 30% of the total employees. Among them, all the information security department will be laid off, and 50% of the store development department will be laid off.Xi Tea layoffs actually began to spread years ago.At that time, many Employees of Xi Cha posted on Mai Mai that the company laid off employees at the end of the year, citing “a serious decline in performance”. Many employees were laid off within six months, and the number of employees in some departments was even cut in half.There were also a number of employees “joking” that the company did not pay the year-end bonus promised when they joined.At that time, Xicha officially responded to the news of layoffs by saying, “The rumors are false information. There is no such thing as mass layoffs in the company. A small number of personnel adjustments made before the end of the year are normal personnel adjustments and optimization based on year-end assessment.”Behind the top flow brand “downsizing” : in the uncertain environment, stop the “radical” expansion whether wenheyou or Xi Tea, as the darling of capital, the heart of young people, brand, popularity, capital everything, it should be said that these brands carry all kinds of risks are relatively the strongest.But why are these top companies laying off workers?Who are the employees being laid off?What food and beverage status quo and trends are reflected behind it?1. The “expansion” department has been the first to be laid off. It is not difficult to observe that wenhe Youhe Xicha mainly laid off new projects and expansion department and other “expansion” departments.Among them, wenheyou layoffs mainly involve the Nanjing Wenheyou project, as well as wenheyou Changsha to start the immersive theater project.Nanjing is the fourth city that super Wenheyou is preparing to land after Changsha, Guangzhou and Shenzhen. In February last year, super Wenheyou began to release information that it intends to be located at 132 Changle Road, Qinhuai District, Nanjing. It is expected to be completed and opened at the end of 2021, but later the opening time was delayed to autumn 2022.At this time, Nanjing Wenheyou also spread the news of “project suspension, personnel to optimize”, the number of “optimization” is not small: “from the peak of more than 60 people, to about 20 people, I heard that they will be cut”.Also suspended and optimized is an immersive theater project that wenyouhe plans to launch, covering the entire six floors of wenyouhe in Changsha, with the intention of creating a paid project similar to a float parade, modeled after Disney.In addition to completely cutting its information security department, Haycha cut its store development department by 50 percent.2, market changes are too uncertain, making enterprise decision-making extremely difficult for the reason of this layoff, Wenheyou CEO Feng Bin responded that some projects will not be done, the New Year will be fine-tuned.Its employees cite internal management chaos and policy changes as the main reasons for its failure to expand new projects.For example, Nanjing Wenheyou’s initial strategy was to do Ming Dynasty culture, but unexpectedly, in December last year, employees were informed that they would not do Ming Dynasty culture, and would switch to six Dynasties culture, “the whole half year’s work was wasted.”Friends and immersive theater project, said its employees changing IP theme Settings, whether do local features, and make sense of the future, or a hodgepodge of entertainment space, the top has not reached a consensus on the project theme, more than two months, the script has experienced eight seven big adjustment.And wen and friends of confusion, may also be most of the food enterprises are suffering.It has been more than two years since the outbreak began, and the food and beverage industry has been one of the most affected industries.Innovation itself is hard, but the market changes so quickly and there is so much uncertainty that it makes business decisions very difficult.3, the pain of expansion against the trend hit, began to stop the “radical” development not only that, in the environment of uncertainty, wen and friends and Xi Tea expansion against the trend of the sequela also gradually revealed.Earlier, in the early stages of the epidemic, they all opted for the brand expansion strategy of “aggressive” expansion, winning market and reputation through large-scale expansion.After obtaining B and C rounds of large financing, Wenheyou said that it would open 20 super wenheyou in China within 5 years, and successively landed in Guangzhou and Shenzhen.After setting a new record for the valuation of new-style tea drinks with a valuation of 60 billion yuan, Xi Cha also accelerated its pace of expansion: it “surged” in the second half of 2020 and opened 60 stores in a month in September of that year.However, the epidemic has been slow, passenger flow down, management problems are frequent.Two cities in Guangzhou and Shenzhen, and friends in the opening line after the fire, have appeared “acclimation”, both into the plight of passenger flow.So that a customer in Shenzhen Wenheyou consumption gave the “opening is the peak” evaluation.In the reality of “cold” operation, Wen Heyou has been actively carrying out “curve to save the country”, but little effect.The expansion rate of Xi Cha also declined significantly, and the number of Xi Cha stores did not exceed 800 until the third quarter of 2021.Not only the growth rate of stores slowed down, but also faced challenges such as the decline of flat efficiency of single store and the decline of profitability per store.Under pressure, those who have been covered by the growth of internal management, employee compensation contradictions have erupted out, xi tea, wen and friends, sea fishing, tea Yan Yue color and other head brands are so.As a result, they have to choose to temporarily close stores, layoff “stop loss”, instead of shrinking and watching.Professional catering network summary: In Haidilao, Tea Yanyue, Xiabu Xiabu and other well-known food enterprises have taken the lead to close the shop, the top network red food enterprises also began to lay off staff.The most “resistant” head food enterprises are shrinking and cautious development, which undoubtedly releases a signal to the industry: the pain of expansion against the trend has hit, stop the “radical” development is imminent.And this stage adjustment, perhaps most of the normal food enterprises.As Haidilao Zhang yong said: “Every entrepreneur will be dizzy, overconfident, blind expansion will definitely happen.Stable charge, unstable stop stability, stability and charge again, until the fall.”