Against Vietnam, is the last chance to test this national team

2022-04-26 0 By

On the first day, the Chinese men’s team will be away in the face of Vietnam, it is Qatar Asian World Cup qualifiers from bottom 12 strong matches China’s group of the first and the second game, the game result has apparently unable to decide whether or not a two teams went a step further, but the game for both teams can prove itself is very important,Before the game Vietnam team coach expressed hope that the home can beat China, and for us to beat Vietnam is our minimum requirements!Compared with the last match against Japan, the head coach Li Xiaopeng said at the press conference before the match against Vietnam that the naturalized player Luo Guofu would start. Obviously, more luo Guofu team would have a choice. As the only game left in February, we should also try our best to win the game!For Li Xiaopeng, no matter whether he is a transition coach or not, it is unreasonable to have no good results during his coaching period. Meanwhile, for the players, they also need to prove themselves worthy of the national team!