Why was Tatum left out of the top 10 scorers and nine all-star starters this season?

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The annual NBA All-Star is about to begin, all heroes compete for all-star qualification, there are happy, there are lost, strength + influence is the way to be selected for all-star.In order to make the all-star team, there are a lot of well-known players who explode in the period before the all-star game to prove that they are truly all-star level players;And some veteran players suddenly burst after not being selected to the All-Star team, proving that they have all-star strength, their influence is less than them!Lebron James, Steph Curry, Jokic, Wiggins and Morante are among the first NBA all-star starters for the 2022 Eastern Greek Conference.Eastern Conference All-Star starters: Durant, Giannis antetokounmpo, Embiid, demar derozan, Trey Young.Immediately caused part of the media and fans, at first people knowledge question, the western conference averaging 18 points can all-star lineup of wiggins, up to 25 points booker and east deed he wasn’t able to selected eastern all-star line-up, know it or just wiggins career all-star for the first time,Straight to the Western Conference all-star starter!Eastern all-star starter western all-star starters in people shocked, however, have a careful fans find scoring for the season to top 10, has nine players from east and west all-star line-up, the only exception is known as the “kobe disciples” the celtics tatooine’s not selected in the all-star line-up,Is it because the East has six of the top 10 scorers this season, and Tatum is the lowest-ranked player in the East (ninth), sacrificing only the lowest-ranked player, while the West has only four players and can only be filled with players from outside the 10?In terms of individual strength, Tatum has already been an All-Star player in the league, and he is also the top small forward in the league. I personally feel that after Durant, James and Leonard, it is him and Paul George, now Tatum is already the top five small forward in the league!On personal influence, Tatum is known as “Kobe disciple”, the celtics core player.So why can’t he be an Eastern Conference All-Star starter?Personally, there are several reasons why he can’t be an Eastern Conference All-Star starter.Reason # 1: The Celtics’ poor record a couple of seasons ago, the Celtics played lebron James and the Cavaliers in seven games of the Eastern Conference Finals, and akie has fallen to no. 9 in the Eastern Conference and will be fighting for a playoff spot.At 28-25, the hawks are better than trey Young, but young is averaging 27 points and 9 assists a game that Tatum can’t match for now.No. 2: Tatum is a good-natureman who only stands out when his team is pushed to the wall. He scored 50 points against the Wizards and Nets in the eastern Conference playoffs and the first round of the playoffs.But most of the time, Tatum is calm and lukewarm!The third reason: Tatum lacks the temperament to be a leader. Tatum has the ability to be the absolute core of the Celtics today, but he doesn’t have the aptitude or confidence to be a leader. He’s a bit like Scottie Pippen of the Bulls.The celtics also have Brown, who averages 24 points, five rebounds and three assists per game. Compared to Tatum, Brown is an extrovert who has become the team’s leader and core player.The competition for the Eastern Conference All-Star is a little too fierce this season, tatum is not in the eastern Conference starting team, but will definitely be an All-Star reserve team, when James retirees, durant and Kawhi old, he may be the first small forward in the league!I want to pass the ball, cheer for the all-star players, I hope they will show their talent on the all-star stage, and extraordinary skills!