What do you call pentagram flowers

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1. Any of various twining perennial herbs of the genus Heliformis, native to the Americas and distributed throughout the temperate and tropical regions of the world.Pentacle flower is a very good climbing ability, and its color is very bright, so many flower friends will plant pentacle flowers around it.2. Five-star flowers like full sunshine, conducive to growth, night temperature is higher than 17~18℃, day temperature is 22~24℃.Below 10 degrees Celsius, it can cause uneven flowering and delay or hinder flower opening.Pentacle flowers must have enough sunlight to grow, otherwise, the leaves of pentacle flowers will turn yellow and even fall off.Pentagram flower can be placed on the balcony, winter time can be appropriate to increase the light.Pentagram flower has strong climbing ability, color and leaves are very beautiful, is a good greening.Still can put miniascape indoors, can use metallic line to twine, make it all sorts of screen, tower type.The corolla was dark red and, when in full bloom, looked like pentagonal stars that sparkled on a green velvet carpet.From summer to autumn, they bloom once, flowering in the morning and fading in the afternoon.Green leaves all over the sky, a piece of green feathers, delicate and charming, like smoke, and like green gauze clothes, floating in the breeze, graceful.Expansion: Although the pentacle flower is small, but dotted with green leaves, vibrant.Its flowering period and morning glories open at the same time, but because the plant is small, can not be planted on high walls, generally used to decorate low fences or balconies.