Rice circle culture?After TTG lost to E-star again, its fans mocked e-star as a backboard for five kills

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The King of Glory 2022KPL Spring tournament kicked off on February 9.The first show of the spring competition, is the highlight, by the champion of the 2021 autumn competition Wuhan eStarPro, the war autumn competition runner-up Guangzhou TTG.As a result, Wuhan eStarPro lost a game in the first situation, let one chase three, seven consecutive big field beat Guangzhou TTG, won the victory of the first show.And eStar of this victory, but also broke the KPL champion new season first battle without the magic spell;But for GUANGZHOU TTG, although they lost to eStar again, TTG’s did not, in the game got the first five kills of the 2022 spring tournament.Therefore, there are also players to ridicule: five to kill otherwise, crystal to eStar!After missing out on several titles last season, GUANGZHOU TTG changed their head coach xiaofeng this season and changed their starting line-up to counter yinan on the road.But the two teams in the overall strength, there is still a certain gap.In the first show, wuhan eStar’s overall performance is actually very general, and there is still a drop in the spring of 2021.After losing the first game, he even gave guangzhou TTG a five-kill game in the third.However, finally let a chase three defeated Guangzhou TTG.Winning and losing in the regular season is actually very normal, just like the original idea of esports, you lose the game, go back to practice and win again next time!From the four games, Guangzhou TTG in the first game performance, or commendable.Under the teaching of laughing wind, ice dust big Joe’s progress is very obvious.To know, the wind is originally hangzhou LGD geese into the KPL league head coach, hangzhou LGD geese at that time big Joe is very strong.The first game wuhan eStar error is very big, in the case of broken TTG three road highland, made the old problem before – continuous drop point.Especially calm Lv Bu and Ziyang Zhang Fei’s cooperation, empty a lot of big moves, resulting in a jedi overturn.The third game became a highlight moment for GUANGZHOU TTG, otherwise LAN, in the spring debut game, won the season’s first five kills.Compared to otherwise wonderful, Wuhan eStar Qingrong play is very general, more to send.In the last three dozen two, Guangzhou TTG also two residual blood under the circumstances, qing Rong two skills rolled into the grass empty skills, was LAN instant, lost the only harm of Shen Mengxi, was LAN harvest residual, both sides kill each other, played a bullet run out of food!This is also guangzhou TTG recently played Wuhan eStar only highlights!But after TTG lost to eStar, some TTG fans once again showed confusion.After they like your team lost the match, they ridiculed Wuhan eStar for sending five kills, which became TTG’s “five kills background board”.Well, come on, this is esports, this is losing the game and losing the man!Actually said that lose is a temporary thing, five kill background board is a thing, this is the rice circle said.Since when is esports not about winning or losing, but about killing five?You should know that in the next league of Legends S10 World Finals, our SN team, in the championship and runner-up final against Korean DWG team, player Bin made history and got the first 5 kills in the history of S finals.However, SN lost to DWG in the Finals, and the five kills were overshadowed.There is no comparison between the five kills in the World Finals and the five kills in the KPL regular season.Esports, please go back to the beginning.And how old is this “now”?Since the first KPL fall competition in 2021, Wuhan eStar has defeated Guangzhou TTG eight times.It’s not easy for a rice circle girl to hypnotize herself like this after not winning for almost a year!Frankly, Jon King was talking about it before the spring season.2021, sanya TTG, if there is no heart to win, still thinking about neat.Then TTG, in 2022, will still be under pressure.If the heart has no concern about the results, including the club, Guangzhou TTG put Up 7 million, fake hanging, don’t want to let the transfer of cheng.To put it bluntly, is to want neat, fry in the shooting of nine tail and CP, engage in marketing to attract fans.For other strong teams, a year does not win the restructuring, Guangzhou TTG obviously focus on results.Maybe king Jon said here, there will be rice circle girl to Diss me, so I ask: you like TTG to win the championship?Or do you like TTG to keep running neatly?