Premier League analysis: Manchester United look to win consecutive games as Leeds’ defence is weak and Wolves draw at Fox City

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Leeds are 15th on 23 points with 5 wins, 8 draws and 10 losses in the Premier League, scoring 27 goals and conceding 46, six points clear of the relegation zone.A 3-0 defeat at Everton sent a warm message to opponents under relegation pressure.In fact, Leeds have conceded goals in every game in their last 10 games and have failed in attack, scoring 14 goals and conceding 28.They also lost 1-0 at home to Newcastle to help them escape the relegation zone.However, the two main guards philpo and Dallas are expected to return, is expected to strengthen the team’s defense.United are fourth on 43 points with 12 wins, seven draws and six losses in the Premier League, scoring 40 goals and conceding 32, but only one point behind West Ham united and Arsenal.They beat Brighton 2-0 at home in the last round, with cristiano Ronaldo and Fee scoring for the first time after three draws.United have had a good run, losing just one of their last 17 games.The problem, however, was that the team was inconsistent, failed to win many of the games it should have won, and there were rumours in the dressing room that Cristiano Ronaldo’s Spanish club was at odds with Maguire’s local club.In addition, Rangnick increasingly looks like a paperhanger and should have no long-term future at United.Wolves are currently eighth in the Premier League on 37 points with 11 wins, 4 draws and 8 losses, scoring 21 goals and conceding 17.After losing 1-0 to Norwich in the fa Cup and Arsenal in the Premier League, tottenham tottenham stunned 2-0 last time out, with Jimenez and Dendonkel scoring in less than 20 minutes.Wolves have a well-organised squad, with winger Neto expected to return after a long-term injury.It is worth noting that Wolves are tied with Manchester City for the fewest goals conceded in the Premier League at 0.74 per game.Leicester city are 11th in the Premier League on 27 points with seven wins, six draws and nine losses, scoring 36 goals and conceding 41.A 2-2 draw at home to West ham in the last round and five league games without a win.The 4-1 victory over lanas in midweek came at a heavy price, with midfielder Madison injured after less than 20 minutes on the bench and centre-back Servincu unable to play.Fox city away itself is very bad, the past eight games away, only 3 draws 5 losses, this game should not win.Wolves have failed to beat the Foxes in the last five meetings between the two sides, while Leicester have only won 1-0 at home twice.Wolves are supposed to be unbeaten, but considering their record of zero wins, rule out a major win, so call it a draw.(The pictures in this article are from the network, if there is any infringement, please contact to delete.