Happy second child!Olympic 5 gold King’s delicate wife 9 months sun pregnant belly photo, 30 years old appearance level maintenance such as 18 years old girl

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Beijing Winter Olympic Games is in full swing, the Chinese delegation has won three gold and three silver results, in the medal table is also in the forefront, and before the Start of the Winter Olympic Games, many summer Olympic Games athletes are also lucky to participate in the torch relay activities, including the Olympic gold 5 king zou Kai figure.Zou Kai won five gold MEDALS at the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games and 2012 London Olympic Games. He won three gold MEDALS at the Beijing Olympic Games, matching Li Ning, the first Gymnast in China.Such dazzling results made the little man, who is less than 1.6 meters tall, the most dazzling star on the court, and thus he became a household name in China, and left his name in the history of Chinese gymnastics and international gymnastics.After his retirement, Zou married his longtime girlfriend Zhou Jie. They were affectionate and respectful, and soon had their first child.In August last year, Zhou Jie announced on social media that she was pregnant with her second child. She excitedly posted her B-ultrasound image, and Zou Kai was the first to forward it, and also did not forget to make a self-joke.Not long ago, Zhou Jie also posted her pregnancy for 9 months of pregnancy photos, have to say that although because of pregnancy Zhou Jie’s body fat circle, but the appearance of the level of maintenance like an 18-year-old girl, completely can not see that she has been 30 years old.Zou Kai can marry such a beautiful wife is also the envy of net friends, and he is also on the career after retirement, now the identity of Sichuan Sports vocational College gymnastics management center director, and now to usher in a second child, such a life is also very perfect.After losing the halo of Olympic champion, Zou Kai returned to his family. Although he lost the audience and spotlight, he had a successful career and a happy family. This is the happiest life.