Shijiazhuang Transport Investment Group bus Aid Olympic team successfully completed the Zhangjiakou Winter Olympics competition area traffic security work

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Radio Shijiazhuang News (all media reporter Cui Rongming, correspondent Liu Peng) At 1:15 am on February 24th, the TG Z-11 Nanshanli Hotel Apartment to ZBC Mountain Relay Center station line bus safely returned to Chibanyangchang station, ensure the crew to disinfect the cockpit, clean, collect and organize the material marks on the vehicle.For the last safeguard mission drew a satisfactory full stop.During the 49 days of transportation support work for the Winter Olympic Games, the Transportation support team of Shijiazhuang Communications Investment Group operated 33 routes and 360 vehicles, with a total of 7,055 vehicles, 34,286 trips and 206,699 passengers, successfully completing the transportation support task of Zhangjiakou Competition area of Beijing Winter Olympic Games.The 701 Olympic aid team members arrived at Chongli Competition area of Zhangjiakou in batches on January 7, 11, 13 and 27 respectively. After strictly implementing nucleic acid testing, identity verification and other work procedures, they completed service training within a short time.February 4, Shijiazhuang public transport personnel rushed to Zhangjiakou Chongli competition area set up shijiazhuang public transport aid Olympic guidance and coordination group, and public transport aid Olympic security team inside and outside cooperation, fighting side by side, guidance, coordination area traffic security work.On February 16th, staff from Shijiazhuang Communications Investment Group went to the bus team operation command center of Zhangjiakou Competition Area of the Winter Olympic Games to guide the bus aid service for the Olympics and visit the bus support team.Shijiazhuang public transport aid Olympic traffic support team on February 2 two days in advance of the opening ceremony streamline, stops, vehicle sequencing exercises and tests, the development of emergency measures.From 2pm on February 4th to 5am on February 5th, the traffic support team worked through the night to successfully complete the traffic support task of the Opening ceremony of the Winter Olympic Games, winning the first battle of the winter Olympic traffic support.On February 12, 13, Zhangjiakou ushered in a strong snowfall weather, the Olympic traffic support team advance research and judgment, scientific decision-making, careful deployment, the development of ice and snow road driving implementation plan.Drivers were classified and queued, and “one to one” training was given to drivers who lacked driving experience on snow and ice roads.The night line selects excellent drivers with strong safety awareness and excellent driving skills.The driving speed of drivers is reduced to less than 30 kilometers per hour, and the safe distance is more than 100 meters, which improves the ability of driving on snow and ice roads.All teams will be on duty 24 hours a day to monitor the operation status, and temporary dispatch and command will be adopted according to the situation, so as to increase the number of cars stored at the venue and hotel end, meet the transportation demand during peak periods and avoid passengers’ detention.During the implementation of the security task, shijiazhuang bus aid Olympic transportation security team and Zhangjiakou bus deep integration, close collaboration, due diligence, overcome difficulties, for athletes and team officials, technical officials, news media staff to provide high-quality and efficient transportation security services,A total of 15 letters of commendation were received from the National Cross-country Skiing Center and the National Ski Jumping Center.With the successful completion of the transportation support task, the support team entered the quarantine period on February 24. The members strictly abide by the quarantine requirements of epidemic prevention and control, do a good job in epidemic prevention and control and other related work, ensure their health, and lay the foundation for a smooth and safe return to Stone.Shijiazhuang trading group bus transfer the traffic security team adhere to the “active, lead, enthusiastic, thoughtful, responsible” service tenet, for the Beijing Olympics zhangjiakou division to provide quality and efficient transportation security services, efforts to safeguard regional travel demand, for simplicity, safety, excellent “the games are games has made a positive contribution.Source | wireless in shijiazhuang