Liaocheng: fully implement the “chain length system”, “one chain one policy” to create a “pilot” enterprise

2022-04-24 0 By

On January 24th, liaocheng industry and informatization work conference was held to summarize the main work in 2021, analyze and judge the current situation, and arrange and deploy key tasks in 2022.Liaocheng Industry and information Bureau party secretary, director gao Feng attended the meeting and spoke.We learned from the meeting that Liaocheng will focus on the key areas of “national needs, market prospects, Liaocheng has the foundation”, comprehensively implement the “chain length system”, “one chain one policy” to promote the advanced industrial foundation and the modernization of the industrial chain.Gao Said in his speech, Liaocheng Industry and Information bureau will be selected chain key breakthrough.We will focus on ten key manufacturing industries, dynamically analyze their strengths and weaknesses, refine and improve the “one map +N lists”, strengthen policy support and ensure factors of production, and speed up efforts to achieve breakthroughs.We will promote the implementation of the chain length system.Pays special attention to the chain length on the implementation of manufacturing industry chain system work plan “and” build pilot enterprises to optimize upgrade key chain implementation plan of the ground work, to carry out the “five” working mechanism, strengthen the industry overall coordination, more hard for unreal, speed up the building of “pilot” type enterprise, promote the development of a batch of high quality screens into the chain of small and medium-sized enterprises, to accelerate to create advantage industry chain.Implementing a number of key projects to strengthen the chain.We will focus on the development of existing key projects, increase the supply of resources and factors of production, and strive to put them into operation as soon as possible.We will promote industrial chain coordination, bring enterprises, industry associations and other entities that are highly connected and highly coordinated into the industrial chain, and create a new model for integrated development of the whole industrial chain.Adhere to both “forging long board” and “reinforcing weak board”, actively integrate into the provincial and national industrial chain and supply chain system, encourage enterprises to take the initiative to participate in the national industrial foundation reconstruction project.We will improve the public service system for industrial chains.We will steadily carry out special events for “specialized and special new” enterprises in the industrial chain, improve the mechanism of government guidance, platform hosting and two-way interaction, and promote the connection and cooperation between “specialized and special new” enterprises and chain main enterprises.We will carry out industry benchmarking study and focus on targeted investment attraction.