Could a second Hong Kong be born?Our country spent billions to build it, and they say it could rival Singapore

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Recently came an explosive news, our country’s second “Hong Kong” will be born, for this our country does not spare billions of dollars, it is said that after the completion can rival Singapore.Do you know where this place is?Why should it be another Hong Kong?Hong Kong as the world’s third largest financial center, important international financial, trade and shipping center and international science and technology innovation center, is a highly prosperous a free port and international metropolis, is the world’s freest economy and one of the most competitive city, enjoying high reputation in the world, but many people have been born yearning heart.Hong Kong has a total land area of 1106.66 square kilometers, comprising Hong Kong Island, Kowloon Peninsula and the New Territories. Victoria Harbour, located between Hong Kong Island and Kowloon Peninsula, is a world-famous deep-water harbour with a million night views.With a population of just over 7 million, Hong Kong generates a GDP of over 3 trillion US dollars per year. What comes to mind first?Is it the soaring commercial buildings, the dazzling array of goods in the mall, or some classic movies from the 1990s?It can be said that Hong Kong is a very attractive city from all aspects, and the reason why it can become an international financial metropolis from a remote small fishing village is inseparable from foreign trade.As a free trade port in the world, Hong Kong is the bridgehead of China’s foreign trade and exchange. It has many wide ports, and we can buy all the commodities in the world here. No matter which country or region can trade here, it is not restricted by tariffs.And recently came the news that China will invest 100 billion yuan to build a super metropolis like Hong Kong and Singapore.The news sparked heated discussion online, with many netizens offering their own speculations that the place should be one of the new first-tier cities, such as Hangzhou, Suzhou and Nanjing, which are not as prosperous as Hong Kong, but they all have great room for development.This city may not be as well known as those first-tier cities, but its potential is no less than theirs. Some people even think it is likely to become the next Hong Kong, or even equal to Singapore in the future. It is Nansha District of Guangzhou.Guangzhou nansha district as a municipal district of guangzhou city, guangdong province, is located in the southern tip of xijiang and beijiang river and the dongjiang river sanjiang gathering place, the total area of 803 square kilometers, the district is located in a large bay area of guangdong and the pearl river port at the same time geography geometric center, but also connect Hong Kong and Macao and the pearl river mouth on both sides of the urban agglomeration of important hub node, is the only sea route to guangzhou,With unique geographical advantages.In terms of commuting radius, within a radius of 30 kilometers, there are two airports, Namely Baoan airport and Nansha Commercial Airport, as well as three ports with different positioning, namely Nansha passenger Port, Nansha cruise home port and Nansha Port. More importantly, taking Nansha as the starting point, almost all cities in the Greater Bay Area can be reached by one-hour drive.Although Nansha District is still backward compared with Guangzhou on the whole, with its superior geographical location, it will surely attract a considerable number of talents from Hong Kong and Macao to promote the industrial development of the region, and its development will be unlimited in the future.Historical records show that the ancestors of Nansha began to work on this land more than 3,000 years ago. After thousands of years of sea changes, the outline of today’s Nansha District and its jurisdiction was gradually formed.For many people, Nansha District is still a relatively strange city, but what we do not know is that it has long been a hot land in the hearts of many investors. Under the seemingly ordinary land, Nansha contains amazing development potential.Famous Hong Kong businessman Xu Jiayin and Wang Jianlin, chairman of Wanda Group, have both spent huge sums to build industries here.What is more shocking is that fok Yingdong, a well-known industrialist, set his sights on this land as early as the 1970s.At that time, the Pearl River Delta region was just beginning to develop, and Nansha was just a remote part of Guangzhou, so many people didn’t notice it.But Fok, with his business acumen, insisted on investing a lot of money to improve the local infrastructure, which he thought was a good place to invest.Although it was hard for Fok to see a return on his investment in Nansha at the time, he kept putting a lot of effort into it.Now, the development of Nansha has fully proved fok yingdong’s unique vision, he is no longer the poor and backward small fishing village, but jumped into the leading free trade zone in China.We should pay tribute to those pioneers who invested in Nansha in the early years for their pioneering spirit, as they have made great contributions to the vigorous development of Nansha.In addition to these excellent entrepreneurs who see the development potential of Nansha, there are also some large-scale projects.For example, the investment event held in 2021 has signed a total investment quota of more than 200 billion yuan in the local area.According to statistics, there were more than 100 global Fortune 500 investment projects in Nansha New Area last year, and a large number of world-class enterprises have settled in Nansha.Nansha’s geographical location, coupled with its leading position in innovation, has gradually transformed it into a promising new city.In the process of future development, Nansha will continue to develop together with local enterprises, and the huge resources brought by these enterprises will provide it with better development space.Of course, whether a city can achieve greater development depends first of all on whether there is enough land in the place. Only when this premise is met and all people make continuous efforts can great development be achieved.Nansha is almost the last fertile land for rapid development in the Pearl River Delta region. Meanwhile, Nansha has its own unique advantages. With the further advancement of urbanization in the Pearl River Delta, the development of the surrounding areas of Nansha has been quite mature, and it will embrace a broader space for development.Why do you say that?The growing popularity of Nansha and its convenient transportation links have greatly boosted the development of local tourism.According to the data of China’s seventh national census, the permanent population of Nansha District has reached nearly 1 million, an increase of 200% compared with ten years ago. However, there is still some distance to go according to the previous planning of 2 million, but its growth rate is still very fast.In 2019, Nansha was positioned as a Comprehensive Cooperation demonstration zone between Hong Kong, Macao and Guangdong, which completely opened the economic door of Nansha and further established its economic development status.Nowadays, a large number of projects in Nansha are in full swing. Looking at these prosperous cities, the development scene inspires countless people’s infinite expectations for the future development of Nansha.According to incomplete statistics, nansha now has more than 100 key projects with a total investment of more than 100 billion yuan. Landmark projects such as Pearl Science Park and Hong Kong University of Science and Technology have landed in Nansha.The opening of Nansha Bridge has also helped it become a veritable transportation hub. From Nansha, it takes half an hour to reach all urban areas of Guangzhou, and one hour to reach shenzhen, Dongguan and other surrounding cities, providing great convenience for freight transportation and travel.Moreover, nansha lies at the intersection of xijiang river, Beijiang River and Dongjiang River, and at the center of Hong Kong, Macao and other cities. The future development of Nansha is bound to be unlimited.With the steady progress of nansha Free Trade Zone construction and the settlement of a number of high-tech enterprises, the development of Nansha Free Trade Zone will be faster and faster.According to relevant data, the output value of products in Nansha Free Trade Zone has reached 79.5 billion yuan at present. If Nansha Free Trade Zone keeps this momentum, it will take some time.It is not necessarily impossible to become an international financial metropolis like Singapore or even higher than Hong Kong, do you think?