Jin Qiaoqiao’s family welcomes the God of wealth. Yu Dong and Jin Qiaoqiao each embrace a baby, and their two children are like their father and mother

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On February 5th, The fifth day of the Chinese New Year to welcome the God of wealth, Jin Qiaoqiao posted two photos of her family.Jin Qiaoqiao also happily wrote: “Welcome the god of wealth on the fifth day of the Lunar New Year. I wish you and your family five ways to welcome the God of wealth into the door,” followed by a series of greetings, with a sense of ritual.As the first wave of family photos for the Year of the Tiger, Jin Qiaoqiao and her husband Yu Dong are naturally showing a new level of happiness.In the photos, Jin qiao-qiao wears a half bun, delicate red lip makeup and a polka-dot dress to make her look young and beautiful.And look at it this way, where is jin Qiaoqiao like 46 years old, it is no exaggeration to say that in the early 30s, maintenance of the art envy evil spirit others.The 51-year-old Yu Dong also does not show age and is in excellent condition.He and his beloved wife Jin Qiaoqiao held their daughter and their son in their arms. The four members of the family were happy after a long absence.Zooming in on the photo, Jin qiaoqiao, holding her son in her arms, smiles brightly and beautifully.The little cutie in the arms holding the little face is equally happy, the little one laughs and father yu Dong is super like, is no problem “xiao Yu Dong”.The elder sister in my father’s arms smiled more than my mother and brother, grinning like a “little golden trick”.One brother and sister like their mother, the other like their father, more and more love.In the second family photo, Yu Dong and Jin Qiaoqiao change positions.Standing next to her son, Yu Dong smiled even more than she had in the last photo and was overwhelmed with happiness.Jin Qiaoqiao also shows a gentle smile, eye – raising and charming.Mom and dad sandwiched in the middle of the two siblings a clever and cute, a handsome and lovely, are very pleasing.A four fit to welcome the god of wealth, warm and happy.Jin Qiaoqiao and her husband Yu Dong have been loving each other ever since they got married. They often show off their love and are as sweet as a lovey-doting couple. They are widely regarded as a “model couple”.However, as Jin qiaoqiao only posted pictures of her traveling and playing with her son and daughter for a long time, the outside world speculated on her marriage to Yu Dong, and some even pointed out that the two had “changed their marriage”.For the outside world’s rumors, Jin Qiaoqiao directly denied, attitude is very just.Later, she also opened the “show happiness” mode again, every special day, will post a warm family of four high-profile scatter happy dog food.Now the New Year has come, Jin Qiaoqiao and Yu Dong love each other as before, a pair of children continue to grow healthy and happy, the family of four is really happy.Finally, I wish jin Qiaoqiao and her family a happy New Year and all the best in the Year of the Tiger.Pictures from the Internet