Action (5) to actively support key agricultural leading enterprises and solve the “three difficulties” of resuming work and production

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Recently, the autonomous region of baise epidemic disposal africom material support and market order battalion commander Xu Jin resolutely implement the autonomous region party committee, government decision-making and deployment, in accordance with the requirements for agriculture and rural areas of hall, deeply affected by the outbreak of the baise county related research, actively develop new crown outbreak to return to work after a disaster and production inspection and guidance work.After receiving a response and understanding that the new variety – tango planted by Haisheng Group Debao Chaoyue Agriculture Co., Ltd. in Baskao Village, Longguang Township, has a total of 2048 mu, there are still about 1600 mu and 1500 tons of difficulties in urgent need of harvesting and sales, I immediately guided baise Bureau of Agriculture and Rural Areas to meet the demands of the enterprise and actively organized forces to take effective measures.Solve the “three difficulties” of employment, travel and storage, and help enterprises tide over difficulties.First, set up a work coordination group to carry out one-stop coordination services.Established to debao county deputy secretary of the group leader, deputy team leader, deputy head of county people’s government in charge of, agatanoatae all relevant units, enterprises in the township government leadership for members of the leadership team, is mainly responsible for according to actual difficulties and demand of the enterprise, according to the new outbreak related management regulations, coordinate to carry out the “one-stop” service work, ensure that enterprises in the recruitment, transportation unimpeded.Longguang township to clear territorial responsibility, responsible for assisting enterprises to solve the problem of employment.County-level departments of agriculture and rural areas, transportation, health and other departments should, based on their functional advantages, coordinate and coordinate to provide enterprises with epidemic prevention, detection, transportation, storage and other services.The second is to mobilize the village “two committees” cadres, mobilize the masses together to rush to collect, solve the problem of difficult employment.Coordinated by the people’s government of Longguang township where the enterprise is located, the cadres of “two committees” of baskao Village, Longguang Village, Guolai village, Shanjia village and other villages organized to prevent the masses whose nucleic acid test results were more than three times negative from coming to work in the park and sorting center.At present, Longguang township has been counted in line with the conditions of participation in the work and willing to pick the people in the park list.At present, tango picking is the most critical stage, and the daily labor quantity reaches about 180 people.After harvesting, it is necessary to transport, sorting and packaging. The daily labor is about 60 people, and the daily labor is about 250 people after 2 days of harvesting. The problem is solved easily.Third, both epidemic prevention and control and agricultural production should be carried out in a balanced way to smooth transport channels and solve the problem of travel difficulties.In strict accordance with the requirements of “no relaxation in epidemic prevention and control and safety in agricultural production”, the government has provided comprehensive services to migrant workers returning to their posts by absorbing them locally, picking them up and picking them up by special buses, providing meals and testing at nearby detection points.Strengthen communication and coordination between relevant departments of county level to ensure smooth and orderly resumption of work and production of enterprises.One is one-stop pass, for the purchase of merchants, transport vehicles to open up a green channel.Transport vehicles in And out of Germany should have negative nucleic acid test certificate within 48 hours and should be registered with normal epidemic prevention and control inspection. They can be released after passing normal inspection at checkpoints.Second, one-stop handling of “green code transfer”, to solve the worries of customers and drivers in and out of Debao.Third, set up nearby monitoring points.Facilitate purchasing merchants, drivers and agricultural products to complete nucleic acid testing.At present, Chaoyue has asked the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs to resume work and production and submit it to the epidemic Headquarters for approval.Fourth, the government coordinated the linkage of enterprises, as a whole to mobilize the county’s refrigerated preservation resources, to solve the problem of storage difficulties.In view of practical problems such as harvesting in season and delayed external transfer of tango, the county Bureau of Agriculture and Rural Affairs and other relevant departments coordinated the refrigeration and preservation resources of the whole county, and strengthened the timely refrigeration and preservation organization and management of harvested fruits.Silver group, new power group debao branch and other relevant enterprises actively out, coordinated force, the county refrigeration preservation resources to make full use of the enterprise storage transport work into the regular track.Source: Baise Bureau of Agriculture and Rural Affairs