A dog in a city in Henan province wandered around the village and refused to go home

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A dog in the city has set himself free in the countryside, and is not happy to be taken home.Some time ago, in Shangqiu, Henan province, the owner went home for the Spring Festival because he was worried about staying at home with a dog, so he took his dog to his rural hometown.Originally thought that the dogs in the city just came to the countryside will be more inadaptable, but also afraid of what adverse reactions dogs have.I didn’t think it was the dog’s owner.The dog would not go back from morning to night, playing frantically in the village every day.The owner had no choice but to find it and take it back.When the hostess found him and was ready to take him back, the dog refused to move. No matter whether the master pulled his face or his ears, the dog just kept walking back with a defiant face, which seemed to be very unhappy.The Internet was abuzz about the incident.The dog behaved like a city child returning to the countryside, going out early in the morning and returning late at night to play happily.After all, the countryside can play more than the city, the city to play a lot of things are also to spend money to get, while the countryside is everywhere toys, those are the gift of nature.Some netizens said that the dog looked just like him when he was a child, coming home late every day to be chased and beaten by his parents with sticks.Xiaobian was amused to see this side.From the dog’s performance, it can be seen that the dog really wants to continue playing and does not want to go back. The colorful world outside makes him particularly happy.After all, dogs are also very motivated animals. Unlike cats, they are not lazy and sleep most of the time.Almost all the dogs have to walk because they’re so full of energy, otherwise he’ll spend the rest of his energy tearing down homes.Conclusion: this dog or back to the city estimates are not used to, there is no broad world for him to fly.